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Succes Koffie is a coffee roaster/brand with a never ending passion for nature, experiences and a little rebellion. As a team they channel these interests into their coffees and the way they engage with their customers.

Tom Arts, CEO

The journey of Succes Koffie started more than 130 years ago in a little village Niel, south of Antwerp (Belgium). Throughout the years they grew from a niche player into a respected coffee roaster and brand focusing on quality coffee and experiences.

Over decades they’ve built up their product expertise and craftmanship. With respect to the coffee bean and roasting tradition they have crafted their coffee blends and roasting process.

As a team they are driven to deliver you the best coffee experience at or out of home (Horeca or Office). Succes Koffie, with a strong business to-business focus, operates as a one-stop-shop offering high quality coffee blends, coffee machines, (ceramic) cups and everything needed to create the ideal coffee experience. Succes Koffie has its own team of technicians in order to make sure that the coffee machines are well installed and always up and running. Team Succes Koffie is driven to unburden their customers concerning their coffee experience. Never no coffee!

At Succes Koffie they are fanatic about realizing the perfect taste of the coffee bean. Not only for their delicious espresso blends but also for their cold drip coffee. Cold drip you say?!

The Cold drip coffee is a ready-to-drink energy shot (125 ml) made with cold water and premium Colombian coffee. The production process takes up to 18 hours resulting in a fresh and floral cold drip coffee shot. It’s served ice cold and can be consumed pure or mixed in a mocktail (nonalcoholic beverage) or cocktail.

This newest taste sensation is super-hot in Australia and has now launched in Belgium.

It is the perfect drink during warm sunny days and perfect to mix with milk, tonic, etc.

It’s used by:
• Athletes and hardworking people for that extra energy kick
• Students to focus during their study mode
• People celebrating life with a mock- or cocktail (recipes at

Looking for the perfect espresso or cool cold drip coffee, team Succes Koffie has you covered.

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