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At Empist, we make it our mission to provide businesses of any size with the resources they need to thrive in the ever-changing technological landscape. With two decades of multifaceted technology experience, our team is ready to help you develop a tailored plan to scale your business.


We go beyond the typical Managed Service Provider and offer a wide range of customised IT services, cloud solutions, full-stack development, and digital marketing services. From maintaining a safe and efficient network to building a customised website and digital marketing strategy, EMPIST is your one-stop shop for navigating the digital landscape.


Empist was started 20 years ago by Founder & CEO John Kampas. Straight out of college, John started working for the largest data center company in the world. It was there that he started his career as an engineer. In a short time, John was promoted to Engagement Manager for one of the company’s largest clients. After gaining a great deal of experience and working with some exceptional people, John took what he learned and went off on his own to put it into practice.

20 years later, EMPISt employs nearly 100 people and serves clients in more than 20 countries around the world. Hard work, dedication, and transparency will always remain at the forefront of everything we do as an organization.


The spirit of innovation is nothing without the willingness to try new ideas, and the fear of striking out should never stop you from exploring new ventures. At EMPIST , encouraging our team members to take initiative in every aspect of their role is a cornerstone of our culture.

Succeeding as a business in the technology space today requires constant innovation. As a Managed Service Provider, we’ve seen a significant shift toward compliance, Document Management Systems(DMS), cloud storage, and cybersecurity for businesses. Our mission is to stay proactive in how we structure our services to align with the high demands of technology today.



Our headquarters resides in the heart of downtown Chicago, but we came from humble beginnings. All the important lessons learned from our first few years of business have been built into our company’s DNA.

In the future, our focus will be on growing our clientele, growing our team, and finding the best ways to remain proactive in every aspect of the customer experience. Past , present, and future included, the most important thing for us as a company is that our clients see our value and our employees feel valued.


Outside of Silico Valley, Chicago is currently ranked 6th in the world as an innovation hub, according to KPMG’s annual Global Technology Innovation report. It’s a very exciting time to be in Chicago because we have the privilege of growing with our city as a leader in this booming tech hub. With our international office in Greece, we can provide our clients with 24/7/365 support without any outsourced customer service.

The secret sauce that truly sets us apart from the rest is our diverse portfolio and family-like mentality. At EMPIST, when you are part of the team, you are part of our work family. In the same vein, we view the wellbeing of our clients with the same consideration and care.

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