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Morgan Hill is an innovative business partner that helps tech and tech-enabled companies, from startup to scale-up, improve shareholder outcomes.
We blend the best of two worlds by combining Venture Capital (entrepreneurial sophistication) and Management Consulting (problem-solving tenacity) to help scale organizations by providing fractional executive expertise with a proven methodology.
In a market known for high-stakes competition and even higher failure rates, Morgan Hill closes the gap between founders and investors to help businesses accelerate value creation and achieve success. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with the clients we serve to drive towards the vision of the organization.
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Our curated network of senior executives and our proprietary Path-to-Value platform are both proven to help clients predictably build, innovate and accelerate growth. By investing a portion of the firm’s fees, we align firm performance with client outcomes.
Our vision is to relentlessly transform businesses. We will stem the high tide of failure among promising startup and scale-up companies, and our proven approach will propel the next generation of innovators, disruptors, and investors to achieve greater success.
Our mission is to accelerate startup and scale-up value creation. Our innovative services will help clients achieve improved market, financial and business performance which in the end results in greater shareholder value.
Morgan Hill is an innovative business partner that prides itself on being trusted partners, experienced managers, innovative operators, with a successful and results-driven approach to business.

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The founding team at Morgan Hill came together when they were brainstorming the question: “If I were a fast-growing startup, what would the ideal partnership look like?” The answer is what drives our actions at Morgan Hill every day.
The clients that we work alongside have an unrelenting passion to realize the vision for their organization. By working alongside these types of teams, we are able to push forward through the common obstacles that derail many startups in a systematic way backed by proven methodologies.
Attracting and working with coachable entrepreneurs enables the Morgan Hill team to live out our vision of pushing the world to new heights through technological innovation!
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Morgan Hill Partners is an exclusive team of executives and operating partners with extensive leadership expertise and in-depth technical knowledge. Armed with a proven platform and playbook spanning all operational disciplines, they lay the foundation and set the course towards ensuring optimal client outcomes.
This team has transformed over 250 companies and helped excel their growth, including Evite, Convene, Binary Tree, Tickr and many more.
The Operating Partner team has executive experience with larger brands that include Amazon, Oracle, PwC, eBay, Hilton, United, Delta, Salesforce, IBM, Ares, GE, Intel, Starwood, and Target.
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