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Never before have we seen so much talk about digital transformation, predictive maintenance, operational optimization, and both industrial and economic innovation in our industry and SME ecosystem. And that’s just the beginning! At the Institut technologique de maintenance industrielle (ITMI), we are pleased with this trend as it is consistent with the mission that has guided us for the past ten years: to support SMEs and companies in improving their productivity and competitiveness through intelligent digital solutions. While our role as a CCTT has not changed since 2011, we continually adapt our approach to stay on top of the latest technologies and offer our clients and partners the best technologies on the market.

With our experts in industrial maintenance and Industry 4.0 and “diversity” as a watchword, we carry out a variety of multisectoral projects—a reflection of our team’s multicultural and multidisciplinary nature. Whether in the fishery, wood, metallurgy or manufacturing industry, our expertise in maintenance, information technology, operational intelligence, the Internet of Things and embedded systems allows us to conduct technical and applied research projects in all sectors.

For customers and partners, working with our CCTT means reduced downtime, maximized productivity, lower maintenance and training costs, and higher success rates. Through our customer-centred approach, we can innovate with projects that are out of the ordinary, like developing digital solutions for the automated inspection of industrial conveyors or even for engine failure prediction for different types of motors. ITMI is proud to bring operational innovation to its partners.

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