Have you ever wondered what it takes to create content for games or interactive stories. The overwhelming number of 30+ tools you must juggle? What is the chance for you to succeed amidst the endless pool of published games?

The team developing VIO, Oleg Sidorkin, CTO, xIBM Chief AI Architect and Mariana Muntean, CEO, xOrange France B2B CMO met during Founder Institute’ Austin events in 2020 and started working on VIO immediately, refining product-market fit during Mozilla Incubator Labs. The product won Mozilla Builders Award in Ocober 2020 and launched VIO 2.0 Open Beta in September 2021.

These are the questions driving the team at Cinevva and their game-making tool, VIO. “VIO is for the dreamers, the creatives, the indie developers that are left out of gaming because of the technical barriers” , said Mariana Muntean, CEO & Founder at Cinevva, Inc.

We live in difficult times when one person has to become a little bit of everything – an artist, a programmer, a marketer on top of their daily chores and jobs. And the multitude of tools that we use on a daily basis, instead of helping us being efficient, distract us even more.

This is exactly what a typical video game developer is dealing with as well. Less than 0.1 % indie developers succeed when publishing a project on Steam or on other platforms. Now during Covid, the gap between the elite’s game creators and the indies is increasing more than ever, creatives needing tools like VIO to create quality games to promote an idea from early stage to release without frustration and be able to distribute it easily.

The platform’s first customers include people like Sofia, an aspiring game developer who wants to make games that teach users the positive impact of money management. VIO is helping Sofia refine her vision and cut down on the number of tools, research, and time she needs to get from idea to playable levels.

VIO lives in the world of decentralized peer to peer technology, allowing teams to collaborate in real-time, just like Google docs and mirrors the complex toolchains of professional game engines like Unity. Unity and other game frameworks are heavy frameworks designed 20 + years ago, targeting the experienced game developers and are not adapted for the independent developer stuck at home with flaky at times WIFI. Privacy and freedom of VIO users being in control of their art are also VIO’s main distinctive focus – every account is created a unique crypto ID for every creator’s account to be able to thrive with powerful monetization options in the new crypto world.

Using simple drag-and-drop actions, creatives layout what they want their game to contain everything from characters to environments to mechanics. Creatives stay focused on their ideas and VIO handles the execution magic behind animations, collaborations, and live editing.

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