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Delivering enterprise-class digital experiences, VizworX is an advanced software solutions services company. Leveraging the latest in augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, complex data visualization, web and mobile technologies and techniques, VizworX supports several industries around the world by turning complex data into easily understandable and actionable information. We enable the human-in-the-loop to fully engage, deeply understand and significantly enhance their decision-making capabilities.

Spun out of two research labs at the University of Calgary, our story begins in May of 2012. Inspired by the ideas and innovation they witnessed in the academic sphere, Jeff LaFrenz, Dr. Frank Maurer and Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale incorporated VizworX as a means of promoting and facilitating technology commercialization.

While the road has occasionally been bumpy, particularly with the 2014 oil and gas industry downturn impacting a significant portion of VizworX clients at the time, these challenges have resulted in a more resilient company that has diversified and grown into global opportunities. Today VizworX has 30 full-time employees and active business pursuits in Canada, the United States, Europe, Brazil and the Middle East. Our markets have expanded from oil and gas to include government, construction, agriculture, healthcare, defense and aerospace.

With a focus on fostering innovation, we help our clients and partners achieve their goals through the application of advanced technology. Using Agile development methodologies, we work closely with our clients and partners to rapidly iterate and receive timely, focused feedback. By maintaining engagement with our academic roots, VizworX solutions continue to be informed by the latest in advanced technology research and supported by the highly qualified talent who graduate from these research programs and join the VizworX team.

Our work with the Canada Energy Regulator, building highly intuitive and interactive web-based visualizations, has dramatically improved the ability of the Canadian public to access and understand the Canadian energy environment. Our partnership with Energyhile/Collection Science resulted in the creation of the patented SaaS Philespace product, now being used globally as an advanced interface for museums, governments and corporations to showcase their collections. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of industry challenges and opportunities, VizworX also develops its own industrial metaverse products, Panoptica, is an infrastructure design management solution that leverages the latest in immersive reality and collaboration technologies. Panoptica dramatically reduces design error-related construction rework costs. Panoptica spun out into the VizworX subsidiary EnsureworX in 2020.

Our newest industrial metaverse initiative, the Virtual Operations Environment or VOEw, is a next-generation control room solution. Through a collaboration between MDA, Simon Fraser University and the Digital Technology Supercluster, an instance of VOE is in development to protect Canada’s oceans from Illegal, Unreported and Unregistered Fishing (IUU-Fishing) activities. IUU-Fishing is a $23B problem worldwide and an ecological and human rights disaster that involves slavery and the destruction of the world’s oceans and fish stocks.

In partnership with a University of Calgary space environment research lab, Virtual Operations Environment (VOE) was pitched as a potential space domain awareness solution and placed in the top three winners of the NATO Innovation Pitch Day on June 29, 2021. Together with our US partner, we are exploring VOE as a future solution for electrical utility control rooms with our US partner.

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