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With Portuguese DNA and an international reach, Moneris is a professional services firm with deeply-integrated services and solutions, that delivers 360-degree management support to organisations.

Over the years we have built strong, close and lasting relationships with our clients, stakeholders and markets. Innovation,
the foundation of our growth strategy, is at the heart our mindset.

Our breadth, depth and scale are based on three fundamental pillars: knowledge, people and technology.

Technical excellence and technological innovation

Our services are provided by teams with extensive knowledge of all industry sectors, which enables our clients to benefit from the support of professionals who understand their challenges and help them to overcome every obstacle.
We’ve created Knowledge Centres and Special Interest Groups that continually promote technical excellence and technological innovation. These forums allow us to think proactively about different industries and sectors and their trends and challenges.

We have more than 300 highly experienced and qualified professionals, specialized in accounting, tax, HR, corporate finance (including grants & incentives, M&A, valuation & business modelling, and restructuring), risk & compliance, insurance and training.

Our wide span of services and solutions and our one stop shop service model ensures that our clients have access to interdisciplinary and cross-border expertise.

We are highly motivated by innovation and technology, thus we pursue a digital approach in all of our services and solutions.

From Robotic Process Automation to Artificial Intelligence, from WebAPIs to integration services, we clearly rely on technology to increase productivity and as a means to assure that our people focus on added value processes and activities.

Connectivity is also a great concern, especially after the current pandemic has changed the way we communicate and the way we do business, worldwide. Our communication tools, with video and chat rooms, files management systems, and our exclusive mobile application are decisive in a world we believe has irreversibly become more digital and more intangible.

Moneris App is actually unique in the context of accounting and consultancy services in Portugal, asit allows  our clients to stay up to date with their tax responsibilities in real time, wherever they are and completely paper free. Entrepreneurs and managers have their tax planning and management in the palm of their hands, with the most relevant features and information for decision making.

More than ever, information systems play a strategic role in organizations, representing a critical and decisive component in their business processes and increasingly playing a major supporting role with regards to internal processes.

At Moneris, we have developed an Information Systems Special Interest Group (ISSIG). This knowledge hub allows us to provide specialized IT services and solutions which are responsive to our clients’ technology needs and expectations.

The ISSIG is driven by our focus on innovation and productivity, thus supporting and enhancing our value proposition whilst driving efficiency and timeliness of our activities.

Continuous learning and constant improvement is also one of our mottos at Moneris. A big part of our technological investment has been devoted to e-learning platforms and digital tools and contents. We are strong believers that learning new skills and acquiring knowledge on an on-going basis is essential to support our growth and to create new opportunities to our people.

Cybersecurity and Digital Governance

At Moneris we currently are developing a Strategic Information Systems Plan with a view to being certified with ISO 27001.
We already have a SOC (Security Operation Centre), alongside with an array of firewalls, a secure email service, cloud security systems and several other cybersecurity and IT investments that support all personal data transfers with our clients and those with whom we interact.

We have invested extensively in the privacy and data protection issues, in order to be fully compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and having in mind that the digital environment in which we operate brings new layers of risk regarding personal data.

Digital governance is a critical stepping stone in our digital transformation, as it enables us to manage our digital tools and channels in an organised and accountable way, with well-defined roles and responsibilities throughout the decision-making and approval processes.

The business and the world are changing faster than ever. Oxford has even replaced VUCA—Volatile, Uncertain, complex, ambiguous for a new concept of TUNA – Turbulent, Uncertain, Novel, Ambiguous; considering the complex and undefined future.

Moneris’ success comes from our ability to adapt, as explains Rui Pedro Almeida, CEO and Managing Partner:

“Our growth and development have been marked by our constant capacity to adapt and innovate. We follow international market trends and anticipate the needs of our customers.”

We believe in best practices, and we promote them in the market and in society.

We believe that knowledge contributes directly to the success of an organisation.

We believe that our initiatives decode the complexity of business world issues and reflect their impact on the social context and value creation.

We believe in diversity and inclusion.

We believe in sustainability.

We believe we can make the difference!

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