Blockchain technology is changing the business paradigm – reimagining and improving traditional business models beyond recognition, creating new business possibilities and opportunities. From creating unhackable data records and establishing online transactional trust to teenage millionaires trading ‘intangible’ Bitcoin.

These are transformational times, and the blockchain ecosystem is one of the most advanced and exciting in the technology world. INNOVATE® BLOCKCHAIN showcases the people, companies, products, and services that are leading in this explosive innovation ecosystem.

Complete with augmented reality video, an online platform, and networking opportunities, INNOVATE® BLOCKCHAIN will help innovators and innovation enablers in the industry connect and succeed, demonstrating how they are contributing to the evolving Blockchain ecosystem across the world.


Who will be in the Book?

The publication is divided into three types of contributors:

  • The experts, the thought leaders, and the academics
  • The innovations and the innovators
  • The supporters and enablers of Innovation for the industry.

The target audience for this publication is not just aimed at experts, but also businesspeople outside of the field who need to know the information contained in this publication.

It is aimed at business leaders and decision-makers who can effect change in their industries. And of course, it’s for open-minded folk that want to know the people and innovations that play an active role in the growth and development of the ecosystem


  1. Thought Leaders
  2. Personalities & Content Creators
  3. Cryptocurrencies
  4. Blockchains, Protocols & Ownership
  5. Exchanges & Wallets
  6. Software Development
  7. Education
  8. Marketing & Social Media
  9. Summits & Events
  10. Hardware
  11. Logistics & Decentralization
  12. Future Cities
  13. Incubators & Investment Firms
  14. NFT’s & Artists
  15. Defi & Lending
  16. Gaming
  17. Music & Film
  18. Culture
  19. Health Care
  20. Real Estate
  21. Storage & Security
  22. Identity & privacy
  23. Insurance
  24. Mining, Hardware & Nodes
  25. Banking & Finance
  26. Trading & Consulting
  27. Tax and Accounting
  28. Legal & Governance
  29. Regulatory & Compliance
  30. Government Bonds & Affairs
  31. Metaverse & Web 3.0
  32. Blockchain & Crypto Influencers
  33. ReFi

Bitcoin 2022


NFT LA 2022


Puerto Rico Blockchain Week 2021

DCentral Miami 2021

Miami Crypto Expo 2021

Florida Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit 2021

Sven Boermeester - INNOVATE® BLOCKCHAIN Publisher

Founder and CEO of Global Village Ventures LLC (USA) and Global Village Publishing Inc (Canada), an international publishing house producing, amongst other projects, the successful “Best of “series in over 60 countries around the world.

With so much excitement around Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we launched the INNOVATE Series, a project showcasing success stories from innovation hubs across the world. The INNOVATE Series is steadily expanding worldwide, mapping out the innovation ecosystems in each region while collaborating with individuals, organizations and institutions to accelerate growth and position entrepreneurs and innovators for success. We look forward to adding INNOVATE Blockchain to the Global Village portfolio.

To learn more contact Sven Boermeester at [email protected]
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