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Crypto’s potential is just beginning, and OGroup LLC drives progress by utilizing blockchain technologies to uncover disruption opportunities.

As our lives are increasingly merging online, technology has the power to shift societal behavior and direct change. We at OGroup hope for a better, more inclusive change with abundance for all. After all, that is what the Web3 revolution is for, the ownership. Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are just some of the emerging technologies with the power to change the lives of people and the future of the world.

Social-Driven Technology
Harnessing crypto and blockchain technologies has the potential to benefit more people than ever before.

Headed by Maja Vujinovic, OGroup LLC operates in the space between blockchain, innovators, and corporations. This company is an investment firm and accelerator focused on the scale and growth of Web3 companies. It is usually seen as “helpful capital” when investing, and startups seek to work with OGroup as it provides operational know-how for scale and utility. With a background in mobile payments and global system design across many continents, OGroup LLC has been at the forefront of the convergence of legacy systems and decentralized open protocols to bring out digital business transformation and re-empowering people.

Evolving Peer-to-Peer Value Transfer
With a deep understanding of exchanges, protocols, DeFi and NFTs, OGroup LLC invests and builds several projects. The development of smart contracts – and the re-invention of peer-to-peer transfer of value – is at the heart of OGroup LLC’s investment ethos in crypto to scale and fund projects.

As an operational firm, OGroup LLC helps clients and partners in two instrumental ways. It helps crypto companies scale through operational insights and provides guidance to develop legacy systems that adopt DeFi and crypto practices for greater efficiencies. OGroup LLC is an operational partner to startups, large corporates, and family offices. It provides the shift of a product and perspective. It also assists people and companies that not only have little or no knowledge about blockchain technology to adopt it and optimise their position.

Blockchain and crypto are still in their infancy in many respects. The future direction of this technology and space is undefined mainly because the scale is still not there and is clouded by regulatory uncertainty.

“Some parts of blockchain are so far ahead,” said Vujinovic. “Governments will take years to catch up with innovation. Some parts, unfortunately, will be stumped or attempted to be stumped by governments – and some parts rightly so. In crypto, we do need to have accountability and simultaneously a wide space for innovation as well (and only if such innovation contributes to positive outcomes).” In addition, use cases for DeFi technology are only just emerging, particularly when it comes to financial infrastructure and efficiency. DeFi can offer new solutions for data storage, meaning financial services companies could save resources on infrastructure development. For example, DeFi-enabled smart contracts can speed settlement times and support complex financial

Advocacy and Leadership
The organization’s CEO has been a thought leader in mobile payments since the early 2000s and a crypto thought leader since 2012. Vujinovic has a nook for seeing what’s around the corner. She recognized an incoming mobile payments revolution in 2005, and in 2010 the power of smart contracts; in 2016, she recognized that it would take additional ten years for stablecoins sales and security tokens to start showing on the scene. Vujinovic is on Civic, Prism Partners and Coindesk’s boards and is an investor in over 35 companies in the crypto space and some fintech such as Axiom Space. She is also an outspoken advocate for the rise of sovereign digital identity, financial inclusion, and overall asset “uberization” meaning repurposing the current industrial excess of electricity for blockchain and AI computational power.

OGroup LLC advocates for protecting the human in the digital future: Web 2.0 has been designed and built with maximum profit and convenience without emotional intelligence. Even today, it still feels that because of the drive for even further efficiency, there is a sense that people are giving away their privacy in exchange for efficiency and convenience.

In a way, we have large corporates emerging with massive data that we have generated,” said Vujinovic. “I am afraid that we might be moving towards zero ownership as individuals. We are a walking potential of data, constantly creating data for others to benefit from, and the right utility of tools from crypto and blockchain can enable individual ownership and benefit as well.”

The adoption of crypto and blockchain technologies, believes OGroup, is returning a form of this ownership back to people, to the individual. Decentralized systems still need to be directed and somewhat regulated. Regulation will provide a framework for the cooperative advancement and development of the technology. Prudence-focused groups such as regulators and technology developers need to collaborate for the greater good of the technology and the wider society.

Recognizing blockchain and crypto as mechanisms for change, utilising these technologies must move society to greater transparency and inclusivity. Blockchain can be applied to create sovereign digital identities for devices and people around the world. Every device and person could possess an absolute, sovereign identity and the reputation uniquely associated with that identity. This technology could even develop a universally accepted form of digital identity that is owned and controlled by the individual. Ownership should become a form of value and currency.

For OGroup LLC, the most important conversation is steering the future of the digital world to include the individual. Open access global financial rails for all, that’s the aim.

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