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There is no question that the global financial services industry has failed to serve everyone and has for a long time not been for everyone. The fact that more than 1.5 billion people are still without a bank account or have no access to banking services is ample evidence of this failure.

Were it not for the intervention by non-bank players like mobile network operators (MNO) and fintech startups, this number could be much higher. The growing use of digital currencies like bitcoin has, on the other hand, shown fiat money alone cannot succeed in reducing the number of financially excluded adults.

In fact, the increased use of digital alternatives particularly after the pandemic struck suggests that more and more see cryptocurrencies as a solution and not a threat to financial stability. However, the job is still far from being done as many more people are yet to understand the truly transformational potential that financial innovations like digital currencies or payment apps possess.

This lack of understanding or ignorance is perhaps one of the barriers that are stopping such important innovations from going mainstream. This is where people like myself come in.

Therefore, in addition to writing about my fascination with cryptocurrencies and fintech apps, I also try to write articles that prop up individuals and organizations in Africa and elsewhere that are playing their part in building this alternative financial system.

One of the ways I have been doing this is by searching for talented innovators and writing about their unique attempts to serve those that need to access financial institutions.

Terence Zimwara

My work at BITCOIN.COM News
Doing this work with limited resources and with platforms that are barely recognized means one cannot have the kind of impact that they want to have and I can personally attest to this. However, when I joined Bitcoin. com — one of the leading players in the digital currency and fintech space — it became clear that I could now have the kind of influence that I have always wanted.

I now not only have the opportunity and the platform to write about African innovators or their innovations, but I also play my part in educating and in making the blockchain and crypto space safer. Also, through op-eds and sometimes regular news articles, I also try to clarify certain misconceptions or pushback against narratives that are propagated by those opposed to alternative finance.

Also, through the question and answer type of interviews, I have afforded many innovators the chance to not only showcase their innovations, but to explain directly to our readers why their products are needed.

And judging from the feedback we get I believe being at Bitcoin.com News has made such a huge difference.

What Sets You Apart
Besides being a pro-innovation writer, I also consider myself to be an advocate for an equal and fair society. Since blockchain and digital currencies are tools that help the human race to achieve these goals, writing about such innovations make this more than just a job for me. Even as I focus my efforts on magnifying the brilliant work of innovators based in Africa and from other parts of the world, I also try to protect users of such digital currencies or fintech apps from criminal elements.

I usually do this by publishing articles that attempt to expose scam crypto projects or by warning or informing users about telltale signs that they need to be on the lookout for when using digital currencies or choosing projects to invest in.

While doing this will not get rid of scammers completely, such efforts will at least reduce the number of people that lose money to fraud schemes that are disguised as legitimate crypto projects. And through Bitcoin.com News, I like to believe I am achieving this objective.

About Bitcoin.com
Bitcoin.com News is part of a much wider organization known as Bitcoin.com. It was established in 2014 by Roger Ver, an early supporter of bitcoin. His mission was and still is to bring economic freedom to the masses via Bitcoin.com’s many products and services. One of the organization’s products that allows the company to achieve this goal is the Bitcoin.com wallet, a non-custody wallet that gives cryptocurrency holders complete control of their funds.

This wallet enables the user to store some of the widely used cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum as well as stablecoins. Besides storing digital assets, a Bitcoin.com wallet enables users to convert or swap assets within the application.

On top of the wallet, Bitcoin.com also operates a cryptocurrency exchange. It operates a peer to peer bitcoin cash trading platform that enables anonymous parties to safely exchange assets. There is no third party involved. You can also interact with Ethereum-based decentralized applications or DApps using the Bitcoin.com wallet.

To ensure these services and products are of a high standard, Bitcoin.com employs more than 130 professionals who work hard to ensure such standards are maintained. These employees either contribute remotely or from some of the company’s offices around the world.

As a result, some of Bitcoin.com News’ work has been recognized or appreciated by third parties. For instance, Feedspot, a content reading platform, recently named Bitcoin.com News as one of the 10 leading cryptocurrency news magazines. Before that, BTC PEERS ranked Bitcoin. com News as the number one cryptocurrency news site in 2019.

Bitcoin.com’s vision for the future
The company’s core objective is to give people the ability to freely acquire and use personal resources, something which the company sees as is a vital component of human dignity and a fundamental human right. Such freedom can only be acquired with sound money the alternative to the opaque monetary policy.


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