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About CryptoPays:
CryptoPays is a blockchain based global payment solution that enables merchants to accept Cryptocurrency from their customers and receive the funds in their local currency. The headquarters are based out of Chicago, USA.


About the Co-Founders:
The trio-team of Nishant Tomar, Uma Viswanathan and Sanjiv Jha are immigrants from India with a combined experience of over 65 years in US and global markets. The combined experience includes leadership roles in fortune companies across major technologies, payment systems and business operations.


Our Vision & Mission
We envision Cryptocurrencies to be a major form of payment for goods and services in the next five to 10 years. So far, Crypto-currencies have primarily been an asset that Wall Street has used for trading, just like stocks, commodities, futures, etc. Our goal is to bring Cryptocurrencies from Wall Street to Main Street and allow everyone to benefit from secure, hassle-free and low-cost transactions without worrying about foreign exchange fees or fraudulent charges.


CryptoPays going mainstream
In the next few years, most of the traditional banks will have two choices in front of them – start accepting crypto deposits or become obsolete over the next 10 years. As mentioned above, CryptoPays expects a gradual shift from traditional payment solutions (currently offered by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, Venmo, etc.), which primarily rely on traditional currencies, to Crypto currencies based payment solutions like CryptoPays. Because of solutions like CryptoPays, more and more merchants will start accepting payments in the form of Cryptocurrencies from their customers.

CryptoPays is driven by strong research data that points to increased adoption of Crypto currencies if there are avenues to buy products and services. Data also calls out that the transaction volume increases by over 40% when Crypto Payment options are enabled by merchants.

Our Value Proposition
Value proposition for – Enable CryptoPays worldwide Enable merchants to accept CryptoPays, with an option to accept payment in their local currency OR in the Crypto of their choice. Merchants can now accept CryptoPays in their physical, online or mobile store. Merchants can now pay lower fees for CryptoPays transactions, unlike expensive Credit and Debit card fees. Crypto coin holders can now conveniently pay for services or products using the CryptoPays interface.

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