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Jay Wheeler started Underground Refuse Systems Inc. in 2015, and in 2017 Ron Howse became an equal partner in this exciting new technology. Since becoming fully operational in April 2017, dozens of city representatives from all over the United States have been to Kissimmee for a system demonstration. This new technology poses an exciting option from the old smelly, overflowing, animal infested options currently in use nationwide.

In 2017 Underground Refuse Systems bought the first mold from Europe to start fabricating the 5-ton concrete vaults. The vaults seal the containers, which keep anything from leaking into groundwater. We plan to expand to more components in the 2018-2020 period, and our primary business goal is manufacturing in the United States.

The Future and Smarter Solution for Solid Waste
Containment and Collection

The containers are aesthetically pleasing, take up less space, and are graffiti proof. It eliminates traditional dumpsters and dumpster enclosures from parking lot areas. The units can be creatively wrapped using artwork or advertising. A key-locking mechanism comes with all units to curb illegal dumping and dumpster diving.

This system increases recycling, and organics/composting. There are no banging sounds – reduces noise pollution – and it contains odors. The system works with high water tables and is contained in a five-to concrete vault keeping anything from leaking into groundwater.

It is the most animal-proof solid waste system in the United States. Bears, rats, and people cannot get into these containers. It removes a food source from animals and reduces their population while improving public health and safety. A sensor option is available that transmits when units are full, saving unnecessary trips by the truck and allowing customers only to pay when emptying is needed.

Underground Refuse Systems Side by Side Construction

UCF Business incubator client since 2016
Jim Bowie, Manager of the UCF Business Incubator Kissimmee, says “The incubator accepted Underground Refuse into the program and helped them establish a solid business foundation. It has allowed the company to focus on growing their sales revenue. Underground Refuse is the type of client company that the UCF Business Incubator was intended to help. They continue to be an excellent client growing jobs in the Kissimmee/Osceola area.”

This technology is in use currently in France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Turkey, and growing. This solid waste containment and collection system has been in use worldwide for more than twenty years. Kissimmee is the first North American City to utilize this superior solid waste technology. Schedule a visit, so you too can see the “Art of Invisible Waste” as a first step towards improving the sustainability of your neighborhood.

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Better collection concept – Better living environment
Underground Refuse Systems is the United States agent for Nord Engineering.

111 East Monument Ave.
Suite 401, Kissimmee, FL 34741
Office: 407-944-9000
Cell: 407-973-4141
Email: jay@undergroundrefuse.com

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