How Studio Bank is fueling Nashville’s creative economy with creative financial solutions and human connections

A bank for creators…
A Studio is a place where creators do their thing. Studio Bank exists to empower creators. Whether you’re designing a company or creating a better life for your family, crafting a song or writing code, orchestrating social change or enhancing the quality of care, we launched Studio Bank to collaborate with you. We empower creators by providing meaningful financial resources and human connections that make an impact, by serving those in our care and in our community with our very best, and thereby achieving superior results.

Our Story
With its launch in 2018, Studio Bank became the first new locally headquartered bank to start in Nashville in a decade. Studio started like most things in Nashville, with a group of friends and a dream: What if a bank could become a force for creativity, instead of an obstacle to it? With that question in mind, we began to rethink and reinvent the typical banking experience. Fusing innovative technology with a zeal for genuine hospitality, we created a bank that is uncommonly modern and surprisingly human. From our offices in the Nashville area and through our community of members, we are relentlessly committed to the future of our city and its many influences beyond.

A new bank, but a familiar team
With decades of banking experience, we bring the best of both worlds:the sophistication of a larger institution but the unparalleled client service of a great local bank. And we’re more than just bankers. We’ve lived on the same side of the table as our clients- starting companies, building organizations, raising families, making art, and doing the things creators do. We know Nashville and love to serve Nashville. We are here to make an impact.

And we’re not alone
Studio Bank represents a diverse coalition of local founders, board members, owners, advisors and clients. From our city’s recording studios to its board rooms, our Governing Board of Directors and Founders’ Advisory Board is comprised of those who have invested their lives creating organizations, experiences and art we love. Together, we’re eager to empower our members and support what they are creating.

Serving from a position of strength in a time of need
Half of Studio’s existence has been navigating a global pandemic as well as its effects on our clients. During a time of need for our clients and the greater community, Studio’s assistance in procuring Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans resulted in sustained businesses and retained jobs. As a young company, the value of our efforts was more than $46 million, representing the preservation of more than 3,800 jobs during the first two years of the pandemic. And all of the PPP loans issued through Studio Bank qualified for full forgiveness and did not have to be repaid by the borrowers.

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Coming of age
Our team is surpassing business goals by surpassing client expectations. When Studio Bank was founded in 2018, we had high expectations. We knew we had the right team with the right support in the right community. We believed in what Studio Bank could be, and we were determined.

Nevertheless, we also knew success wouldn’t come easy. There hadn’t been another “de novo” bank- a true startup from nothing- since the Great Recession, Nashville was rapidly evolving, and the establishment competition was strong.

Now, four years later, reality has surpassed even our initial optimism. Across many metrics, we’ve surpassed our projections. Our results are a testament to the strength of our community. Studio Bank’s success is largely due to the incredible collaboration of local investors, local client members, and local bankers. What’s been created is truly extraordinary.

Expanding our service
Since our inception, Studio Bank has had roots in Williamson County. For many of us, it’s home. But it’s also where many of our clients live, work, play and serve. That’s why it is a natural next step in our growth. Over the last year, we have added a team of Williamson County’s top bankers and in July 2022, we opened a second headquarters in the heart of the growth of Williamson County along McEwen Drive.


Studio Women’s Collective, May 2021 Event

Expanding our team
Over the last four years, we have added many new members and roles to the Studio Bank team. From client-facing bankers and relationship managers to those who keep the systems going behind the scenes, we’ve got the best team to serve our ever-growing client member community. In each of the last four years, the Nashville Business Journal recognized Studio Bank as a Best Place to Work. The credit for this honor goes to each of our team members; every member of the Studio Bank team plays a huge role in making this truly a wonderful place to invest our efforts.

Building Community
Studio Bank is made up of banking veterans and community leaders. As Nashville’s newest locally-headquartered bank, Studio Bank’s directors, executives, and team members are deeply committed to the Nashville Community and serve our city in a variety of ways. Each of our leaders serve as board members of local organizations, as do many of our teammates. Through active participation, donations, and volunteering, Studio Bank has been involved with over 45 local civic and charitable organizations. And through special lending programs to provide capital to underserved communities, providing down payment assistance for home mortgages and investing in affordable housing development, and teaching financial literacy, we continuously seek opportunities to be part of impactful change throughout our community.


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