The World’s First Mobile Arcade

PROVEIT is the world’s first mobile arcade where players compete for cash in their favorite casual games.

Welcome to the New Vegas!

The company launched in November 2016 as a trivia-focused iOS app and was called “one of the most exciting mobile games ever played” by TechCrunch. PROVEIT has now evolved into a competitive arcade for the mobile generation, with dozens of game styles and competition formats. Whether you like trivia, puzzles or arcade games, PROVEIT has a game for you!

How It All Started

The company was founded when Prem Thomas asked Nathan Lehoux “Why can’t we play Jeopardy for money on our phones like Fantasy Sports?” Nathan liked the idea of monetizing a game of skill like trivia, and the team quickly got to work developing the first version of PROVEIT, with a seed investment from the founder of a successful poker website. The duo quickly realized that offering a pay-to-play game involved a very complex regulatory environment, but after 18 months, they had secured legal, regulatory, app store and advertising approvals.

PROVEIT is now approved for gameplay in 34 states and counting.

Prior to launching, Prem and Nathan raised $2.0 million from Florida attorney, John Morgan, who made the perfect strategic investor, given his legal background, network and appetite for high-risk verticals. Since then, the team has grown to over 10 members, most of which are mobile developers.


The team ran its first major tournament at South by Southwest in 2018, complete with $30,000 in prizes, a PROVEIT-branded armored truck and a street time that took over Austin.

No Ads Ever

Unlike traditional ad-supported mobile games, PROVEIT generates revenue on every gameplay, resulting in a much stickier and more valuable user base.

PROVEIT’s thousands of users deposit cash to enter head-to-head or multiplayer challenges against friends and random opponents. Entry into each game ranges from $0.50 to $10.00 and winners take a cash prize, less a fee to PROVEIT. The company donates a portion of its revenue to charities that focus on education, literacy and underprivileged students.

Let’s Collaborate
Think you can help out or you have a passion for mobile games? Hit us up at [email protected] or visit our website at www.playproveit.com.

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