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Crown Money was founded with one simple objective – to help hardworking Australian families realise their home ownership dreams and pay off their home loans in the shortest time possible.

Crown Money was established in 2004 by brothers Scott and Craig Parry who grew up with a father in the banking industry. From an early age they were exposed to the exorbitant profits banks were earning through their unfairly structured mortgages. The traditional 30-year loan would front-end load the interest portion, so bank profits were paid upfront. When a client would refinance every 4.2 years, they would start the cycle again, stopping them from being able to attack the principal portions of their loans. Scott and Craig knew that, at the end of the day, the banks were there to serve their shareholders, not their customers.

Scott and Craig saw a massive gap in the market and decided to create a better home loan solution, one designed to get people out of debt, instead of keeping them in it!

Crown Money has helped thousands of South Australians achieve their home ownership dreams and financial freedom through personalised financial coaching, wealth tracking software, and a revolutionary debt reduction money management strategy.

Many homeowners have experienced brokers enthusiastic to win their business, arrange their mortgage and be paid. From then on, they will rarely hear from them! Crown Money sets itself apart with a unique approach: their work begins when other brokers’ work ends…. when their client’s home loan settles.

Crown Money maintains constant contact with their clients for the life of their loan. Providing support, coaching, and encouragement, which helps keep their clients on track to achieving their financial goals.

On average, Crown Money clients pay $39,327 off their home loan each year, with a savings rate of 24%. That is 400% better than the average Australian!

Most people are used to watching their hard-earned income sit idly in their savings account, doing nothing for them, and waiting for their bills and home loan repayments to be direct debited. Crown Money’s unique model puts clients’ total salary into their home loan account, where it works for them and not the banks.

With this innovative and effective structure, combined with high touch coaching and support, Crown Money’s clients get accelerated results. Just like having a personal trainer at the gym, but for your money.

I will provide you with the financial education, structure and support so you never have to worry about money again. I will keep you accountable to your financial goals and your mission to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible. — Craig Parry.

Buying a home is often the biggest financial decision people make.

With the ease of borrowing at maximum capacity, and then direct access to all available savings through offset accounts, a concerning number of people are simply spinning the wheels on their mortgages, unable to get ahead.

It’s also so easy to fall into the mindset of short-term gratification and spending more than we earn. The world around us is designed to tempt us to spend now and worry about the consequences later.

Crown Money’s approach is helping clients become conscious of their spending. This is through education, detailed spending plans to help them live within their means, and the accountability of a team of coaches.

Crown Money’s program is the first solution of its type in the mortgage debt-reduction space, and it empowers consumers to cut their average mortgage term in half.

In such a competitive marketplace, with over 10,000 mortgage broking firms in Australia, Crown Money are the only broking firm to have a client pay off their house in full every 23 days!

Scott Parry, Founder
Craig Parry, Partner

‘Crown Money has made a major difference in our lives. We were continuing in the same debt cycle with large credit card debts and paying little off our own home. We are now well out of debt and paying off more money than we thought possible off our mortgage. It has made a significant difference to our lives – Peter,Glandore SA’

Crown Money have helped us pay $43,000 off our mortgage in just one year when we were only paying a fraction of this with our previous bank. Wish we had come across them sooner. Brilliant to deal with, staff are friendly, helpful and reassuring. The ongoing education and support, monthly updates and coaching tips means we are really smashing through our mortgage. Do yourself a favour, and call Craig & the Crown Money team today. – Sarah, Para Hills SA’

Having recently secured the title of South Australia’s Best Boutique Mortgage Brokerage for three consecutive years (2023, 2022, and 2021), Crown Money’s accolades validate their pioneering approach that transcends traditional norms in the mortgage broking industry. Their innovative methods align perfectly with clients’ financial aspirations and the cherished dream of owning their home sooner.

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