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Metasense Analytics-A Dynamic Digital Health Startup That Empowers Healthcare



A DYNAMIC DIGITAL HEALTH STARTUP THAT EMPOWERS HEALTHCARE COMPANIES TO QUICKLY MAKE SENSE OF THEIR DATA. Metasense Analytics Using the Metasense cloud data platform, customers gain fast actionable insights to improve health outcomes, enhance efficiency, and lower healthcare costs. The company’s cutting-edge Analytics Accelerator software is a quick, easy, lightweight alternative to increase the productivity of a healthcare data science team by driving lightning-fast actionable insights. Key Customer Benefits and Differentiators
  • Light, fast implementation. Sign up, log in and start working.  No long, complex and expensive implementation process.
  • Enhances your existing data infrastructure. Get answers without waiting weeks for data sources or element changes.  Govern, collaborate, share and reuse data and insights between Metasense and your existing infrastructure.
  • Rapidly proliferate real-time insights into front-line actions. Integrate insight feeds directly into dashboards and action prompters.
  • Free up IT and Data Science bottlenecks by decentralizing analytics. Empower your business users to lead their own data projects with our business rules focus that eliminates hand software coding.
  • Robust business rules management. Focus on managing business rules and eliminate software hand-coding.
  • Answer your organization’s unique questions. Infinite analytics use cases combined with easy algorithm builder releases your team from vendor use case constraints.
Organizational Users
  • Medical informatics team
  • Data management team
  • Business users
  • Data scientists
  • Business analysts
  • Data “citizens”
Metasense Analytics - Meeting Key Product Features
  • Cognitive healthcare data intake: accelerated with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for intelligent, automated, real-time data ingestion.
  • Self-service data preparation: empowers business users and accelerates time-to-insight.
  • Fast analytics, powered by Project Stencils™ and Artificial Intelligence, integrates insights into workflows to drive smart action.
  • Enhances existing data infrastructure and Business Intelligence tools without disrupting them.
  • Secure, encrypted and HIPAA compliant cloud.
Metasense was founded in 2016 by an experienced team of healthcare and data experts, who are deeply mission-driven and believe that, by empowering faster understanding of data, its software will help people lead healthier lives and lower healthcare costs across the U.S. The Company has been a finalist in several startup contests, including the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition (southeast), and is a member of the Tampa Bay WaVE startup accelerator. Metasense is proud to be headquartered in Tampa, Florida.  The Tampa Bay Area’s developing startup ecosystem, technical and business talent, and excellent healthcare and academic institutions, make it a great place to do business Rodger Karl - Metasense RODGER KARL – CHIEF ARCHITECT Cisco Perin - Metasense CISCO PERIN – TECHNOLOGY ADVISOR Metasense Logo

500 E Kennedy Blvd, Suite 300,Tampa, FL 33602

Phone: 813.586.4390 | Email: [email protected]

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