> Mailing out INNOVATE® Books as Gifts - Let us do it for you!

All of the benefit with none of the work!

We know that you have awesome people in mind to send your copies of the INNOVATE® books to as gifts. We also know that sometimes life gets in the way and packing and mailing books have to take a back seat to all the other tasks that we are bombarded with daily 😉


That is why we are offering to mail out these legacy gifts on your behalf with a personalized note from you!

We created beautiful mailing boxes to protect your books as they make their way through the postal system to your favorite people – have a look at the video below:

So, if you already have the people in mind that you want your books to go to but you are not sure how you will get it to them just reach out to your publisher or email us at [email protected] and we can take care of it for you. You can supply us with personalized letters that will go into the mailing boxes – making sure the person receiving them knows who they have to thank for this Awesome gift.

There is obviously a small cost involved – basically just the postage fee and box cost of $11.50

If you love the boxes but still prefer to take care of the mailing yourself, you can order boxes at $4.75 each and use them to ship your own books.

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