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We stimulate & support innovation For years, Research @Thomas More has been actively working on innovation in the health and welfare sector with its research groups Mobilab & Care and CEBUD, and the living lab research by LiCalab. We are the driving force behind the Health & Care Network in the Flemish Kempen region.


Research @Thomas More: joining forces to stimulate innovation in the health & care sector

We let everyone participate fully in our society

Thomas More’s research group Mobilab & Care revolves around improving the quality of life of people who need care and support.

We seek to let everyone participate fully in society by prevention, rehabilitation, and ongoing support. We develop, evaluate, and implement innovations for evidence-based care from a multidisciplinary perspective. Our team consists of experts from different fields so we can look at improvements from various angles. An occupational therapist, an orthopedist, a nurse… they all look for solutions in a different way and all those different views ensure that our innovations are of the highest level. We work closely together with a broad network of governments, the professional field, education, and end users at home and abroad.

We connect

The Health & Care Network Kempen strengthens entrepreneurship and partnerships in the field of health & care with the aim to boost care innovation. We are convinced that strong cooperation between innovative entrepreneurship, knowledge institutions and the care and welfare sector will lead to future-proof and high-quality care & health in the Kempen, Flanders and Europe.

We are experts in living lab research

To valorise a new product, service or concept, it is important to put the end-user at the centre of the development and to define wishes and needs in co-creation. LiCalab – Living & Care Lab – supports companies and organisations in the care and welfare sector with living lab research. We co-create, evaluate, and test innovative solutions with users in their own living and working environment. The focus is on improving care technology and finding new cooperation models.

We build ecosystems

We are proud to have built an ecosystem in healthcare, the REVAlution Centre in Herentals, where people who have finished revalidating are still welcome to keep exercising. Our team keeps offering mental and physical support, but we also provide a lot of services that are linked to revalidation. A tailor to make adequate clothes, an insurance specialist, a bicycle mechanic… they all create a complete ecosystem around the revalidation, making the REVAlution Centre a direct link between innovation, technology, research, and therapy.

Get in touch
Health & Care Network Kempen: healthcarenetwork.be
LiCalab: www.licalab.be
Mobilab & Care: www.mobilabandcare.be
REVAlution Center: www.towalkagain.be


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