“EDS” is an acronym for Enterprise Development Solutions, our holding company, and the foundation for the business. We are proud to state that our passion lies in social entrepreneurship (education, social or family), hygiene, nutrition and health. South Africa is in need of a second economy and this can only be achieved through unique enterprise development models. Each project that is launched will increase productivity, competition, innovation and assist people within their communities to reach sustainable livelihoods.

Together with its numerous affiliates EDS has developed sustainable enterprise development projects and models centred on the supply of fortified foods, skills development and job creation.

For a number of years now, EDS Projects (Pty) Ltd has worked closely with the Department of Social Development, we have developed sustainable enterprise development projects centred on the supply of fortified foods, skills development and job creation, building capacity and empowerment of communities in urban and rural areas, assisting in creating a second economy, especially in depressed regions.

EDS Projects (Pty) Ltd not only participates but also initiates and drives numerous self-funded projects, including blanket and toy drives to those in need, setup of disaster relief programmes, supports and sponsors community sport development programmes in hockey, rugby, karate, body building, masters swimming and golf, and provides annual Christmas hampers to child headed homes.

• Help 65 000 children live a healthy active lifestyle
• Help to improve 80 000 livelihoods in communities directly connected to our business initiatives
• Strive for zero environmental impact in our operations

• EDS Projects (Pty) Ltd 2017 Business of the Year Gold Winner in the Business Community Support Organisation Category
• EDS Projects (Pty) Ltd 2016 Business of the Year Gold Winner in the Business Community Support Organisation Category
• EDS Projects (Pty) Ltd 2016 Business of the Year Silver Winner in the Large Business Category
• EDS Projects (Pty) Ltd 2015 Business of the Year Gold Winner in the Business Community Support Organisation Category

Sakhu Indhlu Development and Construction (Pty) Ltd is a silica mine located in the Free State. Silica sand which is in short supply nationally and a key mineral for the country’s growth has been earmarked for further youth development, creating secondary sustainable jobs for unskilled labourers in Gauteng and the Free State. The Department of Health & Social Development under the banner of Sustainable Livelihoods endorses the project setup by Sweet Sensations Vaal Sand (Pty) Ltd. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that silica sand will be bagged either on site or in areas where we need to stimulate local economies thus creating employment for those in need. We fall under the Construction, Development and Mining industry sector.

EDS Chemicals – GP2
EDS Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is a global company that manufactures and sells premium environmentally friendly degreasers and sanitising cleaning agents.

Why choose GP2 products over other cleaning products?
• The GP2 product range is proudly supplied to Europe, Asia, Middle East and African diplomatic missions and embassies
• The lab tested GP2 product range offers a safe, eco-friendly, water soluble solution with excellent anti-bacterial qualities
• 99.999% Bio kill rate as determined by an independent SANAS laboratory over a 48-hour period
• A non-alcohol based, non-flammable and non-toxic sanitiser that is safe to be used by persons of all ages
• GP2 is FDA Compliant, SABS: SANS 1828 as well as EN1276 accredited as a virus and pathogen eradicator

Power Foods
Power Foods (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African company that manufactures, supplies and distributes dry blended fortified foods, groceries, consumables, toiletries and fresh produce to bulk feeding programs. To date Power Foods (Pty) has delivered over 250
million fortified meals including breakfast, midmorning juice and a lunchtime meal to necessary recipients through feeding schemes and enterprise development initiatives. Power Foods is packed with complete quality nutrition, it is safe and beneficial for everyone from children of 12 months old to adults over the age of 60.

Kirinox NPC
Kirinox was born to implement projects based on donations from our own internal businesses and corporate CSI (Corporate Social Investment) spend. We are dedicated to facilitating change in South Africa by drawing from years of experience in our commercial entities. Our company and its’ affiliates have a proven track record in training, mentoring and implementing sustainable co-operatives for various corporate undertakings, departmental divisions and social development initiatives.
Some Kirinox Programs:
1. Power Foods for Hope Program
2. Sport, Recreational, Art and Cultural Programs
3. Environmental Health Awareness Programs
4. Education Support Programs

Eco-Edu Pencils
Eco-Edu Pencils are proudly South African manufactured timber-less pencils that have a 3 x longer lifespan than your ordinary wooden pencils. As Eco-Edu pencils are manufactured out of 90% recycled synthetic composite graphite it eliminates the need to cut down trees to produce pencils whilst having an improved writing capability given that the pencil writes in a smoother manner. Eco-Edu Pencils are also Food Grade Compliant and has SGS Certification meaning that there are no harmful or toxic chemicals used in the making of the pencils. Due to its environmentally friendly manufacturing process all shavings that come from Eco-Edu Pencils can be recycled.

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