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At Cintech agroalimentaire, we intend to act collectively by combining the expertise of our teams and drawing on the specific know-how of each of our clients, we strive to meet consumers’ and society’s new expectations with respect to food and the industry’s technological needs for its development and resilience.

With 3 pillars of action, our initiatives focus on:
Technology accelerator, to provide rapid access to the technologies agribusinesses need.
Generator of food-processing progress, to make R & D accessible and suitable for addressing the challenges facing the agrifood industry.
Builder of innovation ecosystems, to create synergies with skills, resources and initiatives.

Our expertise lies in creating and improving products by achieving innovative solutions for our clients and understanding consumers’ needs. We provide the necessary support for the development of research activities, scaling-up and integration in food matrices. With our equipment, you can test your products both at laboratory scale and at pilot scale. Cintech offers quick and easy access to emerging and mature technologies, allowing you to benchmark the various options available for the technological challenge you are tackling.

Our sensory and consumer research team will guide you throughout the product development process. With our sensory and physicochemical facilities, we support agribusinesses by giving them access to the same tools used by multinational companies. What’s more, through our customized approach, we combine methodologies to go beyond consumer perceptions and maximize the chances for product success. Hailing from all sectors of the food industry, the Cintech team is always on the lookout for new ingredients, processes and technologies. Our researchers’ passion combined with their extensive expertise allow businesses to add successful products to their portfolios.

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