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A global pandemic may have slowed us down, but it didn’t stop us!
When we embarked on the journey to launch a first-of-its-kind directory of Innovations in Pharmaceutical Development we didn’t anticipate the impact a global pandemic would have. Nobody knows this better than the medical community, who overnight shifted their focus to address the pandemic. Unfortunately, these impacts were felt by us too, causing an unavoidable delay in shipping. We are, however, delighted to announce that we have received an advance copy and it looks fantastic. We are enormously proud that despite these uncertain times we managed to put together a high-quality book, representing some of the top companies in Pharmaceutical development in the world.

The books are currently on the way to Los Angeles and from there we’ll distribute them to everyone who ordered books. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm an exact date as both shipping and customs are currently quite unpredictable at this time.
Thank you to everyone who participated in this venture, we will do our best to get a copy in your hands as soon as possible, in the interim, please enjoy these photos from the book.


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Methodology Cont.

Methodology Cont.

Methodology Cont.

Methodology Cont.

And here are some of the featured Thought Leaders:

Steve Gens MSOD - Managing partner & Founder, Gens & Associates Inc.

Dr. Anne Lindblad - President & CEO of EMMES and Karen Roy - Chief Strategic Officer, Phlexglobal

Nikki Norris - CEO, Symphony Clinical Research & Sudeep Pattnaik - Founder & CEO, Thoughtsphere

Bob Dean - President & CEO, Transnetyx & Mark Hanley - CEO, Virtrial

Donald A. Deieso, Phd - Chairman & CEO, WGC & Jill Johnston - President, Study Planning & Site Optimization Division, WGC

And here are some of the Panelists that helped with the selections of these innovators:

Richard F. Cimino - Executive Chairman of Twolabs Inc. and a Director of Evolution Research Group & Dan Snyder - Vice President, Business Development, Freenome

Richard J. Riegel - Chief Executive Officer, LMC Advisory LLC. & Richard Thomas - President & CEO - R Ventures Inc.

Stephen Sullivan - Founder, CRO Advisors LLC & Todd Grosshandler - ExecutiveVice President, Head of Commercialization, Montrose Environmental Group

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