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History & Purpose
REPAY was founded in 2006 by John Morris and Shaler Alias with the goal of providing fast, frictionless, and fail-safe integrated payment processing solutions for consumers and businesses. Morris serves as REPAY’s CEO to this day, and Alias co-leads as president from the company’s headquarters in Atlanta.

REPAY’s mission encompasses providing highly integrated payment technology, automating and digitizing transactions with vendors and suppliers, as well as ensuring convenient, secure bill payment solutions for both consumers and businesses. With seamless integrations into various ERPs and customer management systems, REPAY serves as a network to all payment networks, enabling businesses to virtually accept omni-channel payments 24/7 and streamline and automate vendor and supplier payments. Its proprietary platform ensures on-time, optimized inbound and outbound payments to help businesses save time and money through efficient, transparent processes.

REPAY’s payment acceptance solutions enable businesses to accept payments via any payment modality, including card, ACH, digital wallets or eCash and through any channel, including online, IVR, text or mobile. Empowered by these digital payment experiences, consumers can make payments when and where it is most convenient for them.

As a one-stop shop for B2B payments, REPAY enables businesses to accept payments from their customers and make payments to vendors and suppliers in a simple, secure way through various digital payment methods, including virtual cards. Automating and digitizing vendor payments across REPAY’s network of 260,000+ suppliers can eliminate paper checks, optimize internal workflows, maximize efficiency, and reduce costs for businesses.

Network Expansion & Recognition
REPAY strives to remain at the forefront of payment technology by creating innovative experiences and integrating its well-established payment solutions into an extensive network of software providers, allowing clients to efficiently process payments through a single platform. The company currently works with over 260 integrated partners to enable businesses to seamlessly accept and make payments and effectively manage and streamline workflows from their existing platforms.

REPAY has received multiple awards and accolades in recognition of the company’s commitment to modernizing payment technology for the numerous organizations within its network. In January 2024, REPAY earned the first-place title for providing the Highest Authorization Rate in The Strawhecker Group’s (TSG’s) Real Transaction Metrics Awards.

The TSG awards track the percentage of authorization failures various payment gateways experienced each day, and found that REPAY had the lowest percent of failures in 2023 compared to competing technology providers. The company’s success and growth has also earned placements in the Inc. 500 List, the Inc. 5000 List, and Inc.’s Best-Led Companies List. The Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Atlanta has awarded REPAY with the Deals and Dealmakers of the Year Award for Innovative Financing and has placed REPAY on the ACG Georgia Fast 40 list six times from 2017-2023, recognizing REPAY as one of the top 40 fastest-growing middle-market companies in the state.

REPAY is not only focused on enhancing payment experiences for its clients and partners, but also on providing a rewarding and welcoming workplace for Georgians and employees across the United States. REPAY’s efforts to provide a positive workplace environment have earned the company’s placement on Fortune’s and Great Place To Work’s “Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance,” as well as Fortune’s and Great Place To Work’s “Best Small & Medium Workplaces.”

The Future of Payments
Today’s consumers love the convenience of digital wallets and instant transactions. However, new payment technologies and modalities will inevitably arise. Enabling modern payments isn’t just about keeping up with the times; it’s a necessary strategic investment for a company to stay competitive and relevant. REPAY is dedicated to helping businesses adopt digital payment technology, simplify payments, and manage platform integrations to enhance the payment experience and be ready for future payment needs.

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