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Convergence Consulting Group (CCG)- Drives Innovation Through The Use Of Data And Analytic Solutions That Empower Critical Decision Making For Businesses


Convergence Consulting Group (CCG) drives innovation through the use of data and analytic solutions that empower critical decision making for businesses. CCG helps companies to overcome business challenges and improve performance by transforming data into intuitive, actionable analytics. Headquartered in Tampa Bay, CCG is committed to supporting the growth of this community and its businesses.


The insurgence of new technologies and the growing demands of modern, digital consumers have transformed the way businesses function, but organizations struggle to innovate at the speed of the changing market. “Innovate or extinct” should be the tagline for the 21st century. Since the year 2000, over half of Fortune 500 companies have gone under or been acquired. This is a result of their inability to innovate and adapt to the modern world. ccg - BUILDING BETTER BUSINESSES Technology disruptions have played a big part in flattening many organizations. In today’s consumer-driven era, it has become a necessity for businesses to leverage technology to amplify buying experiences, using data to predict consumer behavior and customize interactions. It is no longer enough to simply report on business operations in order to survive. The most important business stakeholder today is the everyday consumer who can make or break an organization’s quarterly revenue with a simple tweet. The level of personalization and accuracy we’ve come to expect as consumers is only made possible through the trillions and trillions of data points businesses are collecting every day. The only challenge is that most organizations still don’t know how to use that data to innovate. In fact, in 2016, companies on average only used 12% of their data. This does not mean that 88% of data is invaluable, but that companies don’t yet know how to use that information for competitive advantage. This is where CCG steps in.


Serving companies in the Tampa Bay area and the greater Southeast region, CCG helps organizations across industries, from hospitality to healthcare, innovate through the strategic use of data assets. Tampa Bay is a smaller technology market, which has allowed local organizations to be more nimble on their data and analytics initiatives, often driving changes in their respective industries. ccg - Tampa Bay Education Innovations Tampa Bay Education Innovations In 2015, Hillsborough County Public Schools was recognized by former US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, for innovations in leadership tracking and development. Hillsborough County Public School’s principal placement and leadership tracking program is looked to as a model for public schools throughout the country. Their innovative system for calculating school needs, principal skills and employee development through the strategic use of data for promotion and training practices emulates the core values of all Tampa Bay educators, who seek to nurture and retain talented individuals for the sake of growing this community. Teaching institutions throughout Tampa Bay are leveraging technology to analyze teacher and student performance, achieve operational efficiency, optimize financial performance, and maintain visibility over large scale programs to develop and retain a skilled workforce. Tampa Bay Financial Innovations When it comes to upgrading a legacy system after a merger or acquisition, or using predictive modeling to stay ahead of compliance regulations, prevent money laundering and even fight (cyber) terrorism, Tampa Bay financial institutions are modernizing their data practices to ensure Tampa Bay investors and employers continue to grow their investments in a secure and prosperous environment. Gone are the days when banks and credit unions were simply a place to deposit your pay checks; Tampa Bay financial institutions are using modern technologies like customer facing reporting platforms to personalize financial portfolios, simplify investment decisions and educate Tampa Bay residents on their financial security. Tampa Bay Healthcare Innovations Florida is a retirement hub, which translates to greater healthcare needs for a growing population. Hospitals, insurance providers and medical device retailers are streamlining patient care by leveraging text analytics to digitize medical records and automate manual processes. Incorporating weather, traffic and social data into predictive models allows healthcare providers to anticipate patient needs such as ER visits or illness outbreaks. Advancements such as these in data and analytics help Tampa health providers focus on what matters, the health of our community. Tampa Bay Hospitality and Retail Innovations With over $5.5 billion pouring into Tampa Bay annually through tourism alone, hospitality and retail are looked to as a life source for our economy. In today’s digital world, it has become increasingly difficult for organizations to engage with their customers. Through the use of social media analytics, sentiment analysis, gamification and much more, hospitality and retail organizations in the bay area are innovating to ensure that people are visiting Tampa Bay and have a great experience waiting for them when they get here. ccg - Homepage-Marketing ccg - Tampa Bay

Corporate Headquarters TAMPA 2502 N. Rocky Point Drive, Suite #650, Tampa, FL 33607 Phone: 813.968.3238 | Fax: 813.200.1357

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