> Castano Group-Changes the way people communicate with brands in digital and physical environments.

When innovation is combined with creativity, it not only captures attention, it can create an experience that can lead to change. Castano Group specializes in designing and producing these experiences: multimedia, multisensory engagements that change the way people communicate with brands in digital and physical environments.

Castano Group was launched in 2015 by its founders, Kedgar Volta and Joash Brunet after the two spent a combined 25 years in the broadcast and advertising fields, crafting national campaigns and garnering critical recognition, including ADDY and Emmy Awards. As Volta and Brunet watched the rise of social media and the proliferation of content and marketing platforms, they realized they both wanted to take a new, disruptive approach towards connecting with disparate audiences. “Joash and I realized that with the accelerated pace of innovation and technology, we needed to find a way to leverage those things to improve the quality of each and every interaction,” explains Volta. “The audience of tomorrow, and today for that matter, is looking for experiences that connect them with insight and emotion in powerful ways.”

To create this deep consumer engagement, Castano Group works to create seamless, immersive, and interactive experiences. “Our secret sauce is that we make those gradients naturally flow together,” says Brunet. Volta calls on his background as an internationally recognized artist, along with his programming skills, to lead the design teams that create Castano’s work, while Brunet work closely with clients to ensure their story become part of the digital and physical experience.
“We always ask, why is the experience important, what are we trying to say,” says Brunet. “Once we’ve worked with a client and have those answers, the possibilities of what we can do are endless.” Indeed, those possibilities range from active to passive engagement using everything from ink to electrons in a multitude of environments that have included planetariums, public spaces, and retail settings. “Whether our team is creating something tactile or sensory, we want it to be unique and unforgettable,” says Volta.

While Castano Group continues to explore innovative ways to create memorable moments and connections for audiences, its principles are also focused on metrics. As Brunet explains, “An important part of what we do, whether we are creating a touchscreen, a projection, or an ambient environmental installation, is using interactive technology to extract and classify data that can help us create more meaningful interactions and help our clients better understand their audiences and customers.” Telling immersive stories, creating interactive environments, and designing memorable moments; for Castano Group, everything else is out of scope.

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