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Helps You Find Your Next A-Player, Sooner

Hiring doesn’t have to be messy. Say Sayonara! to the stacks of resumes cluttering up your workspace and let Breezy help you find your next A-player, sooner. With Breezy, you’ll automate time-sucking hiring tasks like advertising yours jobs, emailing, texting candidates, scheduling interviews and chasing down your team for feedback.

Breezy gives you and your team the power to build and optimize your hiring process. Visualize your hiring stages in an easy-to-use drag and drop pipeline and get your team involved early for engaged and collaborative hiring decisions in realtime.

With Breezy, you can post to over 50 job boards in one-click and fine-tune your audiences with premium boards to fit your specific positions. Our sourcing extension allows you to proactively source candidates from a broad range of social sites. Once you have the perfect candidates, you can quickly automate emails, text messages and interview scheduling, improving your candidate experience and giving you back more of your time.

When Gianluca discovered Breezy, he knew it was a match made in hiring heaven.

  “I find myself pitching Breezy to all sorts of companies… it really helps automate the boring and tedious parts of your HR and talent acquisition management process.”

On average, Booster Box only hires one out of 100 applicants—and they get a lot of applications coming in. Staying on top of applicant emails and interview scheduling takes time and effort, both of which can be better spent elsewhere. That’s where Breezy came in.

Breezy is the most highly rated HR and applicant tracking product in customer satisfaction on Gartner 3 years running.

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