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Advance Copy Just Arrived!

The first advanced copies of AI Québec have just arrived at our doorstep. Well done to Brahm, who managed to put an amazing snapshot of the Québec Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem together in this beautiful book, despite the challenging times we are currently living in.

AI Québec is the culmination of long hours of researching and curating the stories of Québec entrepreneurs, it is a shining example of how businesses continue to stand together in Québec and across the world.

Québec has fast become a world leader in Artificial Intelligence, with the Province investing heavily in the development of AI within its borders. This region is home to internationally renowned think tanks and major corporations pursuing groundbreaking innovations. We are enormously proud of the inaugural edition of AI Québec, co-produced and edited by Luc Sirois, Québec’s Chief Innovation Officer, and Prompt.

The book features over 300 pages of tech-enabled stories showcasing some of the top innovators, leaders, and thought leaders across Québec including Forum AI, Scale AI, The Quebec Innovation Council, Mila, Ivado, CEIM, and  Prompt, amongst many, many others. Enjoy some fascinating pieces from thought leaders including Yoshua Bengio (Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research at Université de Montreal, as well as the Founder and Scientific Director of Mila and the Scientific Director of Ivado), Hélène Desmarais, Co-Chair of the Board of Directors, Julien Billot (CEO, Scale AI), and Andrea Lodi (Professor Mathematical Optimization at Polytechnique Montréal), as well as many other prestigious members of the Québec AI ecosystem.

In Québec and in the pages of AI Québec alike, you’ll also find inspiring companies within the spheres of Academic Research, Healthcare & Medical Technologies, Fintech, Aviation, and Commerce to name a few, all pursuing their goals in Artificial Intelligence.

For those of you wondering when you will receive your copies – The books are printed and en route. As is too common these days, we are still facing challenges throughout the supply chain due to COVID, but we are expecting the books to arrive and be ready for distribution in the coming weeks. We will be in touch closer to that time to arrange deliveries and confirm shipping addresses (home or office). We thank all participants for their support and patience. Here are some images from the hardcover book to enjoy.

Foreword By Luc Sirois

The Québec Innovation Council

Québec City: The Right Place to Innovate in Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging Risk Foresight to Accelerate AI Insights - Anne-Marie Hubert, EY Canada

Why Does Québec Stand Out and Will it Continue to Stand Out in the World of AI in 2050? - Alain Lavoie, Lexrock/Irosoft

The New Age of Online Customer Experience - Narjes Boufaden, Keatext

Championing the Ecosystem - Chapter Cover

AI Strategy for Governments - Yoshua Bengio, University of Montreal/Mila & Ivado

Scale AI

Montréal: Why Invest in Artificial Intelligence?

Montréal International

Québec International


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