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Provides top-ranked accelerator programs, venture fund management, and corporate innovation.

Capital Innovators provides top-ranked accelerator programs, venture fund management, and corporate innovation. It manages funds focused on technology, consumer products, and energy technology and sources the most cutting-edge startups from around the globe for investment and assists in scaling its companies to success. Capital Innovators Accelerator program has been ranked as one of the top Accelerators for the last 5 years. The firm has invested in over 130 companies, which have gone on to raise over $375 MM in follow-on investment and created over 2,000 jobs.

Capital Innovators was founded in 2010 after extensive research on  entrepreneurship in St. Louis. Its founder Judy Sindecuse recognized that the region’s early-stage tech startups required better access to funding and mentorship to flourish. By bringing resources together, the regions first seed Accelerator program was born. Capital Innovators became the catalyst that fueled St. Louis’s entrepreneurial growth by creating the opportunity for later-stage investment firms, real-estate companies, and entrepreneurial support organizations to flourish.

Capital Innovators has a history of operating 12-week accelerator programs with the objective of de-risking early-stage investments. It also provides later-stage seed funding outside of the Accelerator for Series A investments into promising high-growth businesses. Capital Innovators has experienced tremendous success in its investment portfolio. 85% of its businesses are still operating and they have gone on to raise over $375 MM in follow-funding and create over 2,000 jobs.



In addition to targeting high-growth investment opportunities, Capital Innovators provides a suite of corporate innovation offerings. It leverages its global network to source innovative technologies for corporations so they can remain competitive in their given markets. Capital Innovators manages corporate venture capital arms for companies so organizations can have their investments managed by a firm with a track record of success. They also provide internal innovation opportunities so organizations can reinvent their existing workforce and rapidly commercialize new concepts to market.

Not only does Capital Innovators help corporations find new innovations, but they also help transform corporate culture through its programs. It has created mechanisms for employees to engage with startups that results in increases in creativity and efficiency within the corporate environment. This is due to how corporate employees learn from the startups and infuse that innovative mindset back into their organization. Capital Innovators consistently ranks as amongst one of the best Accelerators and innovation companies in the United States and is continuously evolving its model to provide value to the market.

Capital Innovators

2315 Locust Street,
St. Louis, MO 63103

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