INNOVATE® St. Louis Vol. 2 - USA

The first edition of INNOVATE® St. Louis was a compilation of more than 300 pages of innovators and entrepreneurs making a difference in the ecosystem of St. Louis. The book was a great success and the time is perfect for a second edition. The landscape continues to evolve and INNOVATE® St. Louis aims to showcase all the thought leaders and companies who are shifting the status quo in their industry, especially given the realities of the past year. St. Louis, with its thriving, industry-spanning innovation ecosystem, is the perfect place for the INNOVATE® Series and we look forward to publishing, what promises to be a not-to-be-missed volume 2.

INNOVATE® St. Louis Vol. 2  will be 300 pages of what’s going right in the city. Starting with St. Louis’ Thought Leaders, this high-end coffee-table book includes chapters that reflect the city’s main sectors of innovation: Construction, Arts & Entertainment, Biology & Human Health, Culinary Innovation, Education & Training, Financial and Corporate Innovation, Community Development, Accelerators & Mentors, Hospitality, Marketings, ESOs, Product Innovation, Social Innovation, Media & Events, Sports & Human Performance, and other Innovation Enablers.

Scott Levine - INNOVATE® St. Louis - Publishing Partner

Scott Levine is an entrepreneur, attorney, investor, and publishing partner of INNOVATE® St. Louis. Scott co-founded iSelect Fund in 2013 as a way to help investors to capitalize on investment opportunities. He is also the founder of AEGIS Law, a firm dedicated to disruption and innovation within the legal space. Since its inception, AEGIS has supported early-stage companies, their founders, and investors and today has expanded its model from the St. Louis region to the dynamic entrepreneurial communities of Kansas City, Tampa Bay, and Chicago, seeking out committed colleagues nationwide.

Deeply committed to promoting positive change and development in the St. Louis ecosystem and beyond, Scott is donating his portion of INNOVATE® St. Louis’ proceeds to four nonprofit organizations committed to innovation: St. Louis Arch Grants, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and Concordance Academy.

Gill Wager - INNOVATE® St. Louis - Publishing Partner

“Business Gill” is a sales expert with 40+ years of advocacy for the elimination of deceit and dishonesty in the profession he loves. His peers named him the “Father of Honest Selling,” the “Best Business Connector in St. Louis” and one of the “Top 100 St. Louisans to Know” to succeed in business. His passion is identifying the win-win connections others can’t see, and his preferred model is doing so on a 100 percent commission basis.

“Craftsman Gill” built a barn in his backyard and created a cozy loft apartment on the top floor, complete with hand-built cabinets throughout, a custom Murphy bed and a really cool headboard made from an old, wooden extension ladder. Business travelers can find the “Barndominium” on Airbnb if they’d like to ditch the St. Louis hotel routine and try something unique.

“Hobby Gill” has ridden a bicycle 200 miles in 14 hours and then balanced it on his chin. He can say the alphabet in six different directions. Dogs follow him obediently. Puzzles fear him. And he can juggle anything from beanbags to bowling pins (both literally and metaphorically).

“Husband Gillby” is a hopeless romantic who met the girl of his dreams at 14, FINALLY got her to go on a date with him at 22, married her at 23, and has claimed the title “World’s Most Sickeningly in Love Husband” for himself. He also calls the 7.5-year courtship “My most successful, long-term marketing plan ever.”


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