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We are proud to present INNOVATE® Washington – DMV Edition – In Partnership with DC Startup Week

Innovate® Washington is a new book celebrating the top 100 innovators and entrepreneurs in the greater Washington region which proudly ranks among the world’s top 20 startup ecosystems – with access to resources, government support and incredible talent which boasts one of the highest concentrations of STEM professionals in the country.

This highly developed business ecosystem is perfectly suited for the INNOVATE® Movement as we focus on the ideas, the innovators and visionaries that are redefining this incredible region and laying the foundation for our futures. We showcase an exciting region in transformation and perfectly illustrates the immense creative collective that is to be found permeating every street, building and organization. The stories within the publication have been carefully chosen to help you navigate this thriving hub of entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment offering you a glimpse into the future. INNOVATE® Washington, is a premium coffee table book, that captures the companies that have made it possible.

The book has been a year in the making and we have had a fantastic response from the community with some of the most exciting thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs from the DMV participating. 

We already have folks like Mariam Nusrat (, Professor Tommy White (AU Kogod), Aisha Bowe (Stem Lingo), Glenda Fu (So Kids Soar), Neil Shah (ThinkNimble), Cenk Sidar (Enquire AI), Brett Sculman (CAVA), Anthony Millen – (NEXT), Cullen Gilchrist (Union Kitchen), Tien Wong (ConnectPreneuer/Opus8), Halcyon House … to name a few that have already committed – plus, we are working on a bunch more. 

This edition is unique as it will only be printed once every two years. We expect delivery in September this year and books are available on a pre-order basis only. This approach minimizes the costs for the whole community.  

Ps. If you have an innovation story to share please contact us – we would love to include you.

Contact Daniel Esterhuyse by email for more; [email protected]

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