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As a leading healthcare company in Puerto Rico, serving 1 in 3 people, Triple-S seeks to connect people to the health solutions they need, when and where they need them.

In 2022, Triple-S launched a long-term initiative to address social isolation and loneliness in Puerto Rico. At its first symposium on the subject, Triple-S convened world- renowned expert Dr. Juliette Holt- Lunstad and leaders from government, NGOs, and the private sector

Triple-S, a licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, is the only healthcare company that serves all segments of the healthcare market in Puerto Rico: individual, small, medium, and large businesses, federal employees, Puerto Rico government employees, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid beneficiaries. Established in 1959, the company has evolved with the changing needs of Puerto Rico.

Beyond health insurance products and services, Triple-S offers a wide range of products in the segments of life, property, and contingency, making it the leading insurance company in Puerto Rico.

A case in point is the implementation of two critical services that were developed as the pandemic hit, TeleConsulta MD and Triple-S en Casa. The pandemic accelerated their adoption and to this day demand for those services continues to grow.

Triple-S is accelerating strategies to drive healthcare affordability, access and equity as well as improve health outcomes,” according to Bobby García-Rodríguez, CEO of Triple-S Management.

TeleConsulta MD, is a telehealth service providing access to a local physician network exclusively in contract to service Triple-S member needs, seven days a week from 6 AM to 10 PM. The service, provided in partnership with Amwell, a telehealth company providing comprehensive digital healthcare solutions for health systems, health plans, employers, and physicians, has been so successful that Amwell asked Triple-S to share its story in a nationwide online seminar, as a successful case study of rapid adoption in April of 2021. Today utilization continues to grow and return visits are high. Members of working age with families have particularly taken to this platform to address urgent care needs. Noticing that emotional health became a concerning trend during the pandemic, Triple-S added this year the services of psychologists to TeleConsulta MD.

Triple-S en Casa delivers prescription drugs and over-the-counter items to the homes or location of preference of members who have signed up for the program. The number of users continues to grow. The service has proven popular among Triple-S Medicare Advantage members as nearly 20% have signed up for the service. Seniors have found the service convenient as 7 of 10 users of the app service are MA beneficiaries.

Carlos Rodríguez, Chief Legal Officer of Triple-S Management (TSM); Juan Serrano, President of Triple-S Salud; Bobby García-Rodríguez, CEO of TSM; Víctor Haddock, CFO of TSM; Ivelisse Fernández, Chief Growth & Experience Officer; on sofa, José Del Amo, President of Triple-S Propiedad; Ilia Rodríguez, Chief Talent & Administrative Officer of TSM; Dr. José Novoa, Chief Medical Officer and Arturo Carrión, President of Triple-S Vida.

Another initiative designed to provide health solutions to members when and where they need them is the new role of the community health worker. This year Triple-S also launched a pilot project of community health workers to address the needs of some of its most vulnerable members. It partnered with Loma Linda University in California to train 17 community health workers in Puerto Rico to serve as liaisons between the health provider, the member, and organizations that may assist in their needs, particularly when it comes to social determinants of health. Members participating in the program come from all segments served by Triple-S. Only a few months into the project, members who are being served by community health workers have expressed an 89% satisfaction rate. Physicians have also welcomed the program since it allows for a broader attention to all the health needs of their patients, including social determinants.

Early next year, Triple-S in partnership with Sanitas Medical Centers in Florida will offer its members access to urgent care when visiting the state, which has one of the highest Puerto Rican populations outside of the island.

In February of 2022, GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation, parent company to Florida Blue, finalized its acquisition of Triple-S Management Corporation. The transaction joined two mission-driven, community-focused companies that will be well equipped to improve health outcomes, affordability, access and equity in both Florida and Puerto Rico.

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