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The Best Sandbox Available for Non-Programmers to Create Their Own XR Environments

Most of the mixed reality (XR) content that exists today has been developed by teams of highly talented and technical individuals with experience using a professional 3D engine or with a background in programming. The steep learning curve and difficulty of building XR has limited the amount of available content.

StellarX powered by OVA is the best sandbox available for non-programmers to develop their own XR environments, enabling them to build through simple drag-and-drop creation. Just like Minecraft helped 70 million people to become 3D content creators, we think that there will be hundreds of millions of computer content creators because XR makes this incredibly accessible to people. Actually, StellarX is the path to fully accessible XR content creation for enterprise.

Creating a mixed reality environment is a creative process that includes a lot of challenging steps including defining the interaction and logic, building the world with assets and animations, adding some avatars and, finally, testing the virtual world with real users. Moreover, at OVA we believe that machine learning can be used across the entire creation process. We are building the best artificial intelligence that works together with our sandbox users. It can co-create with them in the process of building virtual worlds, help creative problem solving by suggesting ideas, and can take out all the non-creative work so our users can work on what’s important.

As we increasingly spend time in the digital world, our digital “stuff” will rival the importance of our physical “stuff”. Amazon is the destination for physical goods, but the destination for digital goods represents a substantial opportunity. This is why we think it’s crucial to democratize 3D content creation—and why we created StellarX.

About the founder

Harold Dumur founded OVA in 2014 to produce products and content relating to virtual and augmented reality. The following year, OVA was selected by the university and banking accelerator HEC-National Bank. Particularly distinguished for his communication skills, Harold was awarded the best startup prize at the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit in Beijing in 2016, against companies from Silicon Valley, Berlin and Harvard to name just a few.

In 2017, he presented the StellarX platform at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Also in 2018, OVA was selected among the top 3% virtual reality startups in the world according to HTC-Vive. Finally, in 2019, OVA was named startup of the year by the OCTAS.

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