> Hallo-Makes Learning Fun, Affordable And Tailored To Each Person’s Learning Style

Hallo, a language live streaming platform was founded in 2017 by three BYU graduates, Joon Beh, Benjamin Dent, and Michael Curtis to disrupt the whole $56B language industry. Despite the massive demand for and investment in language learning, language development is neither swift nor comprehensive, in large part because learners spend most of their time reading textbooks rather than speaking.

Hallo connects users of similar skill levels via video chat in seconds so they can start practicing together. In addition, Hallo provides the marketplace for teachers and focuses on live streaming, while still offering private lessons. This makes learning fun, affordable and tailored to each person’s learning style while providing teachers with the opportunity to have unlimited potential and success, based on their performance.

In 2018, Hallo doubled its Facebook following every month, bringing its audience to 180,000 and is currently growing by 7,000 followers each week with $0 spent on advertising. In May 2019, Hallo officially launched its app, and over the past three months, Hallo has found 100,000 users and logged a few million minutes of audio and video calls — averaging out to over 1,000,000 call minutes a month.

Hallo’s mission is to empower others to find more opportunities in life and make dreams come true through language. The Hallo team is committed to building a more educated and connected world by bringing the fun back to learning and making it the social experience as it was designed to be.


Year 2019 started strong for Hallo as they started partnering with RevRoad and took 2nd place at the Silicon Slopes Startup Competition in January. They then championed the Investors Choice Competition in February and closed their Seed funding, being oversubscribed a few months later.

Hallo is the first real-time, live streaming social platform available in the market. Hallo connects language learners, helping them improve their social speaking skills, arguably, the most important aspects of language learning.

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