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We are proud to present INNOVATE® Washington. Washington is the capital city and federal district of the United States and proudly ranks among the world’s top 20 startup ecosystems – with access to resources, government support and incredible talent which boasts one of the highest concentrations of STEM professionals in the country.

This highly developed business ecosystem is perfectly suited for the INNOVATE® Movement as we focus on the ideas, the innovators and visionaries that are redefining this incredible region and laying the foundation for our futures. We showcase an exciting region in transformation and perfectly illustrates the immense creative collective that is to be found permeating every street, building and organization. The stories within the publication have been carefully chosen to help you navigate this thriving hub of entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment offering you a glimpse into the future. INNOVATE® Washington, is a premium AR-enabled coffee table book, that captures the companies that have made it possible.

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Dustin Canter - INNOVATE® Washington Publishing Partner

Dustin ‘DC’ Canter a.k.a. Mayor of the Mic is a man driven by an unbridled and relentless passion for amplifying the voices of underrepresented Title 1 student entrepreneurs.

He is the brains of the operation behind the Cherry Blossom Innovation Summit, an annual celebration to raise the consciousness about the innovative thought leaders that are making a positive change in our communities.

In 2018, as an independent candidate, he received 15,478 votes for Mayor of Washington, DC.

You can find Dustin at the crossroads where competitors, fans, and diplomats participate in organizing athletic events to bring people, nations, and businesses together to regenerate the earth from climate change.

“Blockchain is the most powerful tool to heal the earth” — Dustin ‘DC’ Canter

A graduate in the sciences armed with the top ranked accountancy degree, Dustin followed his entrepreneurial spirit after teaching computer literacy as a volunteer in Africa when he finished college. He’s engrained with a durable commitment to corporate social responsibility and has since taught teenagers in public schools, universities, and community centers including Midtown Youth Academy where he continues to serve as a volunteer community organizer.

Email Dustin Canter or connect via Telegram @DustinCanter / Twitter @InnovateWashDMV to find out more!


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