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“We are not just facilitating transactions; we are redefining them to create tangible benefits for our clients.”

In the bustling city of Washington, D.C., a pioneering force is reshaping the financial contours of the food and beverage industry. freely Payments, a visionary B2B payments gateway, has not just entered the market but has fundamentally altered how wholesale food distributors and restaurants handle financial transactions. By partnering directly with card networks, freely Payments is breaking down the longstanding barriers of card payment acceptance, making it easier and more economically viable.

A Game-Changer for Wholesale Food Distributors
Traditionally, food distributors have been wary of accepting card payments due to the high processing fees that can erode their profit margins. freely Payments, with its cutting-edge technology, has flipped this paradigm. “Our proprietary technology eliminates the burden of traditional processing fees, preserving the margins of vendors while empowering restaurants with the working capital they need,” explains Ahmed Nawash, CEO of freely Payments. This innovative approach enhances cash flow management for restaurants and streamlines the entire payment process, making it a win-win for all stakeholders involved.

Strategic Leadership Driving Forward
The success of freely Payments can be largely attributed to its founders’ robust leadership and deep industry expertise. Ahmed, with a decade of experience in corporate development and fintech partnerships, alongside Brandon O’Connor, co-founder and COO, an expert in business banking and product strategy, brings a wealth of knowledge and a clear vision for the future of payment processing. “We are not just facilitating transactions; we are redefining them to create tangible benefits for our clients,” states Brandon.

Innovative Features Setting New Standards
freely Payments offers a suite of features specifically designed for the F&B sector. The freely acceptance™ program allows vendors to accept credit card payments without cost and cashback incentives on every transaction. This is further enhanced by their intelligent routing system, ensuring each transaction is processed at the lowest possible cost.

The upcoming launch of freely pay™ in Q4 of 2024 promises to further revolutionize the industry. This co-branded credit card program includes zero processing fees and allows vendors to earn cash back on purchases made by their customers, both within and outside their establishments. “With freely pay, we are shifting the payment paradigm in favor of our clients, providing them with tools that offer early-pay discounts and interest-free payment terms,” highlights Ahmed.

Automated Solutions for Modern Challenges
One of the standout features of freely Payments is its automated reconciliation process. The platform effectively ends the tedious back and-forth often associated with invoice discrepancies. Through intelligent collections and automated systems, freely Payments reduces debt and streamlines operations, making it easier for businesses to focus on growth rather than financial administration.

Community and Client-Centric Approaches
At its core, freely Payments is deeply committed to the communities and industries it serves. The platform is tailored to meet the specific needs of food vendors and their customers, ensuring that each feature adds value and enhances the user experience. The customizable rewards program through freely pay™ is a testament to this commitment, designed to spur card usage and maximize benefits for both vendors and their customers.

Ahmed Nawash Founder & CEO of Freely Payments

Looking Towards a Bright Future
As freely Payments continues to grow and expand its services, the impact of its innovations is becoming increasingly apparent across Milwaukee and beyond. The company addresses the immediate financial challenges faced by the food and beverage industry and sets new benchmarks for what is possible in the world of financial transactions.

“Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We’re not just changing how payments are processed; we’re setting new standards for the industry,” concludes Brandon. With such a powerful vision and ongoing technological advancements, freely Payments is not just participating in the market but leading it, promising a more efficient, flexible, and financially sound future for the food and beverage industry.

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