Daniel Esterhuyse

Publishing Partner

Daniel is the Head of International Publishing Partnerships at Innovations of the World. Born and raised in South Africa, he currently resides in Johannesburg with his wife of 19 years, their 12-year-old daughter, and three cats—FluffPuff, Roxy, and Gizmo, all girls. 

An entrepreneur since his school days, Daniel has co-founded various small and large businesses. With over 25 years in the property industry, he has been instrumental in assisting first-time home buyers in achieving their homeownership dreams. 

A career highlight includes developing a new marketing strategy that significantly increased home sales, with new home applications rising from 42 per month to 253 within three years. Daniel has expertise in developing sales and marketing systems, methodologies, building teams, programs, and original content, resulting in over 16,500 middle-class South Africans becoming homeowners. 

In his role at Innovate, Daniel engages with publishing partners globally, supporting the success of community book projects.

You can contact him via email; [email protected]

Current & Completed Projects