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In 2016 the founders of CyberOps brought together their decades of experience in national and global technology and advisory roles to form a company to help service the growing need for expert technical advice in the Defence, space and Cyber Industries. The aim was to deliver innovative services and to provide expert advice at a competitive price. CyberOps has assembled a team of experts that develop bespoke cyber security and technical services to many defence, space and critical infrastructure organisations.

Daniel & Derek, Directors

Early in the company’s life, they also drew upon their personal experiences and passions, Derek in radio and cyber and Daniel in defence and space to build an innovative passive RF sensor network that tracks satellites, which evolved into a product called SpaceIQTM that is now connected into a global Space Domain Awareness (SDA) data base. CyberOps uses SpaceIQTM to participate in regular live SDA sessions with the Australian Space Command, the US Space Force and the wider global space ecosystem contributing to the safety of the Space domain. Sensing the need to secure critical infrastructure, and especially the newly evolving space industry in Australia, CyberOps sought and was given funding by the Department of Defence to develop a Space Cyber Framework and a Space Security Architecture. Since then, CyberOps has been awarded further grants to evolve the framework and develop a series of testing and training products to improve the space cyber capability in Australia, and elsewhere. In 2022 CyberOps became one of the first Australian members of the Space Information Security Advisory Centre (S-ISAC) and now contributes cyber security advice to the Australian Space ecosystem when called upon. CyberOps became a founding member of the Lot Fourteen ecosystem and leant in to assist the many startups considering cybersecurity in their own products development. In addition, they contributed to the creation of the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre in Lot Fourteen where they still are a member and participate in the many cyber related events, including running the technical team in a recent NATO cyber wargame event, Locked Shields 23.

Recently CyberOps moved to its own secure office in the Space Lab in Lot Fourteen, where the growing expert team of security professionals are delivering services to a wide range of customers, from small to large in the growing national cyber market. Additionally, CyberOps uplifted their own security posture allowing it to become part of the Defence supply chain. This experience is invaluable when advising other companies servicing Defence and Critical Infrastructure on what is required to meet the regulatory expectations.

Daniel and Derek set up CyberOps to deliver quality services and actionable advice to its customers while at the same time providing a fun and friendly environment for their staff and customers. The team are proud that with every report they write, every vulnerability they uncover, and every security architecture they develop they are actively working to safeguard their customers’ data and assist in preserving their peace of mind. Their commitment to excellence and passion for cybersecurity are what sets them apart in this industry.

In a world where cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and widespread, cyber security is more essential than ever. CyberOps is part of the shield that stands between its customers and the dangers of the digital world, and they take that responsibility seriously. CyberOps values experimentation, innovation and out of the box thinking as it is what our adversaries are doing, and it also develops their products so that we and our customers benefit.

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