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Cannalytics Bioscience Labs only strives for excellence, integrity and quality in the Puerto Rico Cannabis and Industrial Hemp industry. Cannalytics Bioscience Labs is a full-service Medical Cannabis and industrial hemp analytical testing laboratory facility. We provide a full battery array of compliance and R&D Cannabis testing including potency, terpenes, pesticide screening, heavy metals, microbial detection, mycotoxin analysis, foreign matter, residual solvents and genetic identification.

Business excellence and quality are the main objectives at Cannalytics, LLC. Our clients are served promptly and efficiently with our courier service always available. Our new state of the art equipment is among the best in the market and is being used by federal military facilities, forensic science, and the Health Department. In addition, Cannalytics has the capacity to turn around results in 24-48 hrs. with our new specialized genetic identification equipment.

Our mission is to actively contribute to the safety of medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp and their derived products in Puerto Rico by providing analytical laboratory testing to grows and manufacturers, by communicating on risks to the public, and by cooperating with the Department of Health and the Department of Agriculture, and other parties to ensure a coherent, trusted medicinal cannabis and hemp safety system in Puerto Rico. In the year 2021, Cannalytics, LLC. was the first cannabis laboratory awarded the ISO 17025 accreditation in Puerto Rico, providing evidence that the organization has a solid basis for the chemistry and microbiological procedures.

Cannalytics methods and processes follow the strictest requirements of the Puerto Rico Health Department while complying with State Regulation. Our client’s cannabis and cannabis derived products are certified using best calibrated equipment and tests in the industry and with trained and capable personnel with over 40 years of accumulated experience in the laboratory business. Continuous calibrations, reliable analyte standards and internal audits for instrument precision are performed to guarantee results and maintain an impeccable record and compliant status with the Health Department of Puerto Rico.

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