We give superpowers to healthcare providers with an AI virtual assistant that rescues their missed calls and streamlines their operations




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BrainHi is an artificial intelligence company based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. BrainHi’s mission is to accelerate the transition of healthcare organizations to a fully digital patient experience. BrainHi’s primary objectives are to help healthcare providers:

  • Never miss a patient opportunity due to missed calls
  • Digitize paper-based processes
  • Increase staff productivity with automation tools
  • Help managers and directors monitor the quality of the patient experience

BrainHi was founded in 2017 by Emmanuel and Israel, 2 engineers from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. The product was launched days after Hurricane María to help healthcare providers stay in touch with patients.

Unfortunately, Puerto Rico has the worst ratio of healthcare providers to patients when compared to the United States. The lack of providers in the country exerts pressure in the medical class and practice teams that on average need to handle 3x more volume of calls than a regular practice in the US. This problem got worse due to the massive migration of medical and admin staff days after Hurricane Maria. That’s when BrainHi was born.

“Israel (CTO, co-founder) and I realized that the best way to help understaffed practices during those extreme circumstances was to build a virtual staff member. So we built an AI virtual receptionist that picks up office missed calls and schedules appointments.” explains Emmanuel , (CEO, co-founder).

Today, BrainHi has helped over 1.6M patients schedule their appointments. Our vision is to replace patient’s phone calls to medical offices with a new standard for how patients schedule appointments by leveraging artificial intelligence.

The BrainHi platform is the most powerful toolbox for healthcare admin teams to streamline operations and offer an agile patient experience:

  • Missed Call Rescue
  • Automated Responses
  • 2-way Texting
  • Appointment Confirmations
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • EHR Integration
  • Waiting List Automation
  • Easy Transfer of Files

BrainHi´s AI receptionist works for 1k doctors and we are steadily doubling our customer base every year. Due to our accelerated growth, we became the first Puerto Rican company to join Y Combinator. We work with 12 of the 20 biggest hospitals and medical clinics in the country and have a handful of customers in the US too. Finally, we run a profitable business and have 24 team members across Puerto Rico, US, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, and Spain.

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