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Recognized worldwide for its commitment to innovation, investment in research and development (R&D), as well as its broad commitment to sustainability, Bosch provides innovative solutions for the Mobility, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, Energy and Construction Technology sectors.

Presentation in the innovation room at the Bosch Curitiba plant

For 70 years in Brazil, Bosch has been recognized in the national market for its pioneering spirit and leading edge in the supply of technologies and services in its various sectors. Innovation has been in the company’s DNA since it was founded in 1886, and has been one of the main levers for business growth and sustainability over the years.

In Curitiba, Bosch’s history began in 1976 on Avenida Marechal Floriano Peixoto and in 1978 the plant was inaugurated in Cidade Industrial, where the company is today. The unit is used to manufacture the group’s diesel line. Since then, the team has grown, milestones have been reached by employees, careers have been developed and dreams have been realized.

Over the years, the company has gone through challenging periods that required adjustments, one of which culminated in the start of the strategic cycle in 2014, an initiative to revitalize the local business, with a view to improving the operation in Curitiba.

Innovation team with our CEO president for Bosch Latin America, Gaston Diaz Perez

This project involved people from various areas in the construction of a bottom-up strategy, with environment, process and subsystems in horizontal chains, focused on actions to guarantee the health of the business in the present, as well as structuring practices, facilitators and initiatives to promote the future of the location. During the same period, a project to form a team focused on innovation was launched involving employees from different areas who were willing to contribute to the project. Diversifying markets not yet explored by Bosch, this initiative led to the creation of a new innovation area. The joint effort of several professionals transcended their previous roles, keeping the focus on stimulating engagement and a culture of innovation. This new team undertook tireless efforts to transform perspectives and conceive innovations hitherto unexplored by the unit.

Numerous methodologies were experimented with, with significant emphasis on the support of valuable partnerships with the innovation ecosystem, and extensive testing to analyze new business models, crucial elements for the success achieved.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” — Robert Bosch

Robert Bosch Brasil Innovation Team Latin America

In 2019, Bosch took another step on the road to innovation with the opening of The Connectory, an open innovation space whose global concept is to act as a co-creation platform to drive the development of innovative solutions and new business models involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various sectors. Curitiba Connectory was the first in South America and the space focuses on the areas of digital transformation, AI, mobility and Industry 4.0 and open innovation. *

Bosch’s strategic objective is to develop solutions that make the user’s day-to-day life easier and that contain AI or are directly manufactured from AI. In this way, the company seeks to improve the quality of life through innovative products and services, thus creating “Technology for Life”.

Curitiba, the innovation team continues to develop new business in series and is internationally recognized within the organization as one of the benchmarks in this area.

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