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For more than 30 years, BioNJ has been the life sciences trade association for New Jersey – representing close to 400 research–based life sciences organizations and stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem from the largest biopharmaceutical companies to early–stage start–ups.

BioNJ’s mission is to help our Members help Patients.

Because Patients Can’t Wait®, BioNJ is dedicated to ensuring a vibrant ecosystem where science is supported, companies are created, drugs are developed and Patients have access to lifesaving medicines when they need them. Innovation is the driving force behind medical breakthroughs and BioNJ is committed to promoting policies that facilitate tomorrow’s miracles.

Recognized as a respected thought leader, an influential advocate and a sought–after convener of the life sciences industry, BioNJ works directly with legislative leaders in both Trenton and Washington D.C. to advance the life sciences industry, foster medical innovation and ensure health equity and healthcare affordability. BioNJ’s mission is to help our Members help Patients by providing transformative resources, advocacy, capital and State incentives, timely educational programs, skilled talent and a value–driven purchasing program.

BioNJ released “Health Equity in Clinical Trials MBA Business Case Competition: Identifying Innovative Approaches to Strengthening Diversity Within Clinical Trials” which features highlights from all the submitted business plans, summaries of proposals that received top awards and learnings from the inaugural competition.

Committed to the vision of Health Equity for All, BioNJ believes that health equity in clinical trials is critical to deepening the understanding of the safety and efficacy of medicines in under-represented populations, expanding access to medical innovation for these populations and increasing dialogue and trust among the biopharmaceutical industry, communities and healthcare systems. By discovering new approaches, utilizing new technologies and developing new business standards to make trials more accessible, we can work to create more agile, efficient and Patient-centered medical research.

It is with this vision, that in 2022, the organization launched its Health Equity in Clinical Trials Initiative to identify long-term interventions, support companies to improve equity in their clinical trials, consider best practices and shape and impact policy. As part of this Initiative, BioNJ also introduced a first-of-its-kind MBA Business Plan Case Competition to promote the next generation of diverse clinical trial innovators and deliver useful protocols and successful models that can be used nationally to strengthen diversity in clinical trials and expand health equity.

Building the future. As entrepreneurs and capital are the engine and fuel for new company creation driving the next generation of therapies, diagnostics and tools in life sciences, BioNJ is proud to work side by side with our State partners to continue to attract new companies and ensure that entrepreneurs have the tools they need to flourish – from creating unique capital and State incentives to growing incubator and collaborative workspaces.

Supporting the entrepreneurial community, BioNJ has hosted the industry’s signature partnering event in the Northeast, BioNJ’s BioPartnering Conference, for 13 years – created to foster collaborations and partnerships, facilitate investment opportunities, grow the ecosystem and bolster medical innovation. The event brings together the life sciences, biotech, healthcare and digital health sectors from across the globe to learn from one another and find potential investors and partners.

Known for its unrivaled workforce – from early–stage innovators to commercialization experts – talent is often cited as the #1 reason companies move to New Jersey. BioNJ is engaged in helping our companies find the talent they need to ensure New Jersey’s life sciences ecosystem has the required talent needed to drive medical innovation forward.

BioNJ’s state–of–the–art Talent Career Portal located at has become the go–to resource for life sciences professionals throughout the tri–state area. “Because Patients Can’t Wait®” is BioNJ’s rallying cry and a reminder that our job is to help research–based companies discover and develop innovative therapies and cures to address unmet medical needs. New Jersey has been a world leader in medical innovation since the industry’s beginning and we are inspired by the privilege of working with those committed to changing the lives of Patients and their families around the world.

“We are proud of and inspired every day by our Members – from biopharma professionals and academics to Patient advocates and the service providers who support our industry – who together are creating innovative treatments which are helping Patients live longer, better lives.” — Debbie Hart, President & CEO

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