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Avaap, an industry-focused technology management and advisory services partner, delivers strategic technology solutions and exceptional customer experiences. With offices and customers across the United States, Avaap’s expert consulting team has deep experience in healthcare, higher education, nonprofits, government, transportation, and other industries.


Avaap’s success is focused on four pillars: employee engagement, talent development, strategic partnerships, and outstanding customer experience. Avaap was founded in 2006 in Edison, New Jersey, by Dhiraj Shah and built on the philosophy that if you love what you do, you’ll never feel you’ve worked a day in your life. This cultivated a workforce of individuals with deep knowledge and industry experience who love their profession and role in customer success, are committed to their colleagues, and motivated to achieve and make a difference for our customers.

In 2020, Avaap moved its headquarters to Columbus, Ohio, a midwestern technology and innovation hub. Today, Avaap employs more than 400 technology and business professionals across the country who stay engaged and connected through virtual happy hours, events, and more. This growth is testament to Dhiraj’s vision and genuine desire to improve customer business practices through strategic partnerships and exceptional software services.


CEO Steve Csuka took the helm in 2021 and under his leadership expanded relationships with Workday, Tableau and other enterprise software solutions. Today, Avaap has the second largest Workday Student team, bringing higher education customers access to some of the most experienced consultants in student system modernization. State and local government customers have gone live on Workday with success in streamlining processes, increasing access to data, and more efficient collaboration across business units.

Avaap is proud to provide innovative solutions for customers and expertise in data and analytics. Our fraud, waste, and abuse offering saved a state government more than $1 million in fraud and duplicate payments using data and advanced analytics. Our team has found solutions to save hours of time for customers, including a data conversion accelerator that increases time to value with fewer manual labor and errors. In addition, Avaap’s market-leading change management practice integrates proprietary change management methodology into every project we do, increasing the likelihood of project success. Our Avaap Change Academy trains change practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to lead their organizations and selves through people, process, or technology change.


Against the backdrop of the highest standards of delivery and customer service, Avaap is honored to have been recognized as a national Great Place to Work. Our people are our greatest asset and have stepped up for their clients and each other through unpredictable circumstances, supporting client initiatives related to the pandemic when people needed support the most. As Avaap looks forward, we are excited for the next evolution of growth, welcoming new team members and customers and continuing to provide innovative solutions that address changing business needs.

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