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Talking to computers has long been a science fiction dream

But over the last twenty years, it has become a reality with voice assistants present in our phones, our cars, and our homes. However, many of us don’t use these features, forgetting they’re there in favor of tapping our ever-present screens.

At Automat we believe that conversational AI can be used for much more than controlling devices and automating customer service. We have a vision that someday, all brands will have a literal voice. Talking to their customers, they will get to know them far better than they can by simply guessing who they are from their search and social behavior, allowing them to provide more helpful, personal and meaningful experiences.

Email, Websites, and Social Media aren’t conversations

While many companies talk about their marketing as “conversational”, we think that anything less than an actual bi-directional, real-time interaction is not truly talking to your customers.

That’s why at Automat we focus on immediacy and intelligence, letting brands communicate one-to-one with their customers via conversational ads, messaging, conversational landing pages, or voice assistants. We tend to focus on areas where customers would benefit from expert advice and recommendations, such as searching for a new product or shopping on a brand’s website. Our aim is to enable new kinds of conversations, not just to automate the existing ones.

It’s not ads that are the problem, it’s the current system of monitoring people that’s broken

At Automat we don’t believe that marketing and sales are necessary evils. We think that if done well they can truly be positive for consumers, helping inform them about products and services they care about, making it easy for them to find and buy when they are ready.

The problem with today’s advertising models is that companies monitor your online behavior and use it without your permission to send you ads. A far better way to do this is to engage consumers in transparent, opt-in conversations that actually help them. Brands will always need to know about their customers. We want to offer them a more ethical and effective way to do so.

Conversational AI is the future of how brands will deliver marketing, sales, and support

Don’t take our word for it. Some of the biggest brands in the world are working with us to realize this vision including L’Oréal (the largest beauty company in the world), Coty, and National Bank of Canada. The users talking to these brands are engaging for longer, buying more and providing higher customer satisfaction scores. It’s not all that surprising really; taking the time to chat with your customers to get to know them is good business!


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