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Yorktel was founded in 1985 as a video communications company devoted to facilitating organizational  collaboration. From Yorktel’s inception, the Federal Government has been a loyal customer — and when  maintaining networksand equipment for presidents and generals, there’s not much room for error.  This  heritage solidified a ‘mission critical’ foundation for the company that  endures today as it advises some of the world’s largest enterprises on their IT, collaboration and communication strategies.




Almost forty years later, Yorktel is still walking its customers through each aspect of their digital communications journey: from consultation and design, to integration, maintenance and management, to refining each piece of the interactive puzzle. As today’s industries evolve, video conferencing brings a strategic advantage to business collaboration, allowing Yorktel to empower its customers with what it  does best: mastering the intricacies and advantages of video communications, on any device, in any location.

Businesses don’t always realize the degree of expertise required to design a successful business communications environment, or the impact video servicescan have on network infrastructure. Yorktel provides an extensive suite of technology services, and consultative guidance based on a customer’s strategic goals. Yorktel helps businesses navigate the countless components of business communications, ranging from internal collaboration to customer outreach. Yorktel’s impact both locally  and globally sustains its reputation as an industry leader in managed services that prioritizes customer education on how to leverage emerging technology to its greatest advantage.




“Somebody has to figure out how to make all the communication services work together, and that’s what we do really well. Because we started on the Federal side where there’s no room for error, the expertise we have is making all our services seamlessly operable in a corporate environment,” explains Ken Scaturro, President & COO at Yorktel.

There’s also something to be said about the longevity of Yorktel’s customers and employees. Clients such as the Social Security Administration have been with the company since day one. Many of Yorktel employees are “originals” as well — industry experts so deeply trusted by clients that they’re asked for by name like old friends.




“A high emphasis on employee fulfillment, profitable operations and customer delight has been the cornerstone of our business since the day I walked in thedoor,” says Ron Gaboury, CEO of Yorktel. He believes these values and the  loyalty of both Yorktel’s customers and its employees are truly what  create a  winning company culture.

As for Yorktel’s future, eight years ago the company broke into the clinical side of healthcare communications. During that time, it pioneered a software platform specifically designed for telehealth, to deploy alongside Yorktel’s already robust set of services. The healthcare communications venture was so successful that in 2019 Yorktel launched a sister company, Caregility, dedicated purely to healthcare communications and collaboration. With the advent of digital workplace transformation and the powerful drive towards global collaboration, there’s no doubt of future success for Yorktel.




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