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Wavicle Data Solutions is a nimble consulting firm that focuses 100% on providing end-to-end data and analytics strategy, services, and support. Thanks to its deep technical expertise, business acumen, and proprietary accelerators Wavicle is able to help its clients drastically reduce the time, cost, and risk of collecting, analyzing, and acting on large volumes of data. Our rapidly growing roster of clients trusts Wavicle to help them solve their most complex business issues while keeping their data clean and secure.

A new approach to data and analytics consulting ensures companies get value from their data faster and more cost effectively.

Companies, excited by the promise of the cloud and the plethora of data and analytics technologies available, often discover too late that implementing these solutions and utilizing them to their full potential is much more difficult than they expected.

Naveen Venkatapathi and Niyaz Kamookagath founded Wavicle Data Solutions in 2013 to help companies address these challenges.

After working as data and analytics consultants at global organizations for over a decade, they saw an opportunity to improve the traditional professional services model and help companies get more value from their cloud data and analytics investments.

They hired expert consultants, architects, engineers, engagement managers, and data scientists with deep technical expertise and strong business knowledge to build innovative, repeatable accelerators and frameworks. These proprietary tools helped Wavicle’s clients slash the time and cost needed to implement cloud solutions and manage data from over six months to only two.

Clients were able to quickly realize results and build business cases for further data and analytics investments. As Wavicle clients’ success grew, so did Wavicle. Wavicle has been recognized by Inc. 500 as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America in 2021, 2020, and 2019. The company has been named one of Chicago’s fastest-growing companies in 2022, 2021 and 2020 by Crain’s Chicago Business and a Chicago Tribune TopWorkplace.

Every day, Wavicle helps clients utilize cloud-based data and analytics to drive innovation-from identifying opportunities that deliver a better customer experience to streamlining processes and improving product quality.

Wavicle also takes pride in being innovators that take a different approach to traditional consultants. Many professional services firms build solutions from scratch for each client. This is analogous to putting together furniture with a standard screwdriver. Wavicle knows power tools get the job done faster and more efficiently. That’s why they invest in building repeatable accelerators and frameworks that drastically cut the time and costs of migrating to the cloud, managing data quality, and securing privacy data.

Wavicle is proud to call Chicago home and even prouder to be one of its top workplaces

Chicago has an amazing, diverse talent pool. Wavicle has been tremendously lucky to hire exceptional people in this city.

The Chicago area is also home to several Fortune 1000 companies and a thriving technology sector, which is great for building relationships and forging partnerships. Wavicle works with many Chicago-based companies across industries like manufacturing to restaurants to the public sector.

Data-driven companies will deliver a better customer experience and outpace the competition

Virtually every company looking to grow its market share is investing in personalization and analytics to improve the customer experience. While it may feel like the cloud and AI are old stories, the reality is that only a small percentage of companies are really using these tools effectively. Wavicle is excited to help companies adopt the right strategies, technologies, and analytical models needed to drive innovative approaches and grow their business.

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