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Spatial Networks is a geospatial technology company that enables government and industry clients to identify opportunities, reduce uncertainty, and mitigate risk through verifiable, ground-truth data that is unattainable through open source methods — even from the most complex and sensitive geographies.

Spatial Networks team – April 2019

Using our powerful proprietary mobile data collection platform, our vast global network of trained professionals can acquire granular, street-level data on physical structures, demographics, local sentiment, and more to deliver true business intelligence. For nearly two decades, we have established a reputation for producing accurate, tailored information that gives our customers first-hand insights from the field to help them solve their most challenging problems.

Our data collection platform, Fulcrum, is also available to the public on a subscription basis so that organizations can create their own custom field intelligence solutions for anything from asset management to environmental surveys.


In 2000, Anthony Quartararo founded Spatial Networks (SNI) as a competitive intelligence firm, collecting unique data overseas for companies. Through this work, SNI built a large network of geospatial professionals and data collectors and developed their own software to streamline and improve the data-collection process.

Anthony Quartararo, Founder & Ceo

When Anthony realized his company could help the Department of Defense solve a critically difficult problem — a lack of detailed information in places that were of strategic value to U.S. national interest — he felt an obligation to devote company resources to helping them improve understanding of various environments around the world.

“If we had the capability, knowledge, and skills to help make sure that somebody came home to their family and served their missions as safely as possible,” he said, “we wanted to do whatever we could to make sure that happened.”

SNI leverages the local expertise and knowledge of its global network so customers can make informed organizational decisions based on ground reality, understanding an environment before (and often without ever) setting foot in the area.

SNI’s offerings include Foresight, a data-as-a-service product, and Fulcrum, a software-as-a-service product. The company has served more than 51,000 organizations; the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is one of its largest customers

Whether it’s supporting those serving at the tip of the spear or civilian truck drivers delivering food, water, and batteries to troops at forward operating bases or any foreign service situation, SNI takes pride in being able to provide contributions to mitigating risks for those serving or living in dangerous environments and doing what we can to help make sure they return home safely.

“This has created within the company a sense of purpose, satisfaction, and fulfillment that is not easily matched,” Anthony said.

Fulcrum is a cloud-based mobile data collection platform that enables organizations to gain valuable insights into their assets and operations


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