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QTS Data Centers is a leading provider of data center solutions across a diverse footprint with over two gigawatts of critical power capacity under customer contract in North America and Europe. Part of the Blackstone portfolio, QTS delivers secure, compliant infrastructure solutions, robust connectivity and premium customer service to leading hyperscale technology companies, enterprises, and government entities through its software-defined technology platform.

QTS is a leader in the data center industry and is key in providing the connectivity necessary for individuals and businesses to participate in the modern economy. Massive amounts of data created, sent, received and stored by individuals and businesses across the globe will at some point touch a data center. As the major technology companies progress into developing generative artificial intelligence to expand their consumer options, data center providers, like QTS, will continue to provide scalable options to get these solutions to market quickly.

Part of such an expansion means that data center providers are growing into new communities, which brings a high level of responsibility to protect and improve the resources of those areas of operations. This has been demonstrated throughout the company’s history. QTS prides itself on sustainability practices and community enhancement that make it a partner to communities, not just another business.

QTS is attentive to the needs of the region, enriching the community, rather than detracting from it, preserving natural spaces, optimizing surrounding roadways, and blending with local community designs. To do this, QTS considers community concerns, needs and priorities and puts a plan in place to ensure the data center campus abides by county guidelines and meets expectations.

Enriching the Community. QTS invests in the communities in which it operates. By conducting cultural resource studies, QTS identifies key environmental, cultural and historic resources and develops a strategy to preserve, improve or create public amenities, like trails, parks and cultural centers—as well as their access points and parking areas.

Supporting Traffic Mobility. QTS also conducts traffic impact studies, using the results to create a plan that optimizes traffic flow, provides access to local destinations, and improves vehicle and pedestrian safety.

Conforming to Local Aesthetics. QTS is also mindful of how its facilities visually blend with the surrounding area. Building height is also considered—and limited if necessary—to ensure it does not impact important sightlines.

While data centers have historically been large consumers of power and water, QTS prioritizes sustainability and efficiency in its facilities. This is part of their stewardship model to lessen any environmental impacts to the surrounding areas, protecting resources that residents in their communities rely on.

Power Efficiency. To maximize its operational efficiency and reduce its environmental impact, QTS employs a variety of energy-efficient practices and solutions, including LED lighting, Energy Star-capable appliances, occupancy sensors and energy-efficient cooling to foster operational efficiency and reduce power consumption. Its greenfield data center design is also LEED-capable.

Water Efficiency. QTS’ data center design requires no water for cooling to greatly limit its water consumption and improve its efficiency. This water-free system significantly reduces water usage over other land uses such as agriculture, which requires substantial groundwater for irrigation. By eliminating the need for groundwater or surface water for data center cooling, QTS supports water-stressed areas.

QTS considers itself a community partner, promoting charitable giving and volunteerism among its employees.

Community Service. Making a positive impact on its communities is part of the QTS culture. Through the QTS Community Impact Program, the company and its employees donate time, support and resources to help improve communities and change lives. Each year, QTS gives its employees three days to serve their communities. In 2023, QTS employees volunteered more than 12,600 hours with charitable organizations.

Corporate Partnerships. QTS also serves the world community through partnerships with American Forests and World Vision. Through its partnership with American Forests, a world leader in restoring forests for over 140 years, QTS pledges to donate a minimum of 14,400 trees yearly to help restore threatened forest ecosystems. Working with World Vision—a world leader in humanitarian efforts, including clean water access—QTS provides clean drinking water for every 100 kilowatts (kW) that is contracted for the life of each customer contract.

While data centers are becoming more prominent across the globe, what sets QTS apart is its people, culture of service and operational excellence. The investment into communities and the stewardship of exhaustible resources radiates the company’s devotion to customers, partners, and neighbors across the globe as it helps these individuals shape the future.

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