Creating intelligent automation for wind turbine inspections.

Perceptual Robotics specialises in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. We use these tools to simplify infrastructure inspections and we take advanced robotic systems out of the laboratories in real and adverse conditions.


The company was founded in 2016 by Dimitris Nikolaidis, Kevin Driscoll-Lind and Kostas Karachalios out of the University of Bristol and with support of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory Incubator.

In this creative environment we created our first product. Dhalion is a pioneering autonomous system using drones and artificial intelligence for the inspection of wind turbines.

The basic principle is the complete automation of the process, with the use of a tablet device the operator commands the drone to take-off, the drone records images of the entire wind turbine automatically and after landing a cloud based artificial intelligence system processes the images to detect any damages.

Our system has been tested and is used on hundreds of turbines by the leading owners and manufacturers of wind turbines in the UK and worldwide More specifically, we have shown that our system is 1/3 of the price of existing solutions and can reduce the cost of wind turbine blade maintenance by 25-40% even compared to the most competitive solutions.

Our next step is to bring our technology to the offshore wind turbines, combining our system with autonomous and manned boats, to deal with challenging weather conditions.


The journey of entrepreneurship starts with real life problems and is driven by creative people looking for solutions. At Perceptual Robotics innovation is interlinked with sustainability.

A startup needs a whole ecosystem that can support it throughout its life. This includes academic research, open source communities, business support and mentoring schemes, government sponsorships to give space to the first steps of ideas and investors to help turn a prototype into an application with real impact.

Bristol has an exciting and unique combination of these factors, combined with brilliant, driven people that can support innovative product development.

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