Pedro Rodrigues

Director-General, Desafio Global – Events And Activation Experience And Go Live – Digital Events



A Life Of Events Is Believing That It Is Possible To Do The Impossible. Event After Event, Day After Day.

As Featured:

This “Life of Events” that I chose and am very proud of is in no way a normal life.

A professional in this area is not just a service provider. I sincerely believe that most of us view each event as nothing less than a mission that transcends schedules, other responsibilities and on many occasions one’s private life.

A life of events is arriving home to find the family already asleep, and leaving home before they have woken up. It’s having a shower before sunrise and thinking “I know it will go well, but I also know how much work is involved for it to go well”; it’s eating whatever and whenever; it’s having a huge burden of responsibility on your shoulders; it’s often being more exacting about the success of the event than the clients themselves. And, day after day, pressing reset and starting again.

It might be a strange life for outsiders, but those involved enjoy it and feel very proud of what they do.

Is it complicated and overwhelming? It is, of course it is, but a life of events is making the impossible happen.

Whether at a physical, digital or hybrid event, it is believing that events are and will remain an extremely important tool of communication and motivation and we will be here to do what we most enjoy, with the same dedication and professionalism as ever.

Pedro Rodrigues, Director-General, Desafio Global – Events and Activation Experience and Go Live – Digital Events
With a degree in Marketing and Advertising, and a specialisation in Security Management, Pedro Rodrigues has been organising events for 32 years; he started out by organising events for the Portuguese government.

He lectures on bachelors, post-graduate and master’s courses in the field of events, and has won a number of awards as a personality in the world of communication from publications such as Marketeer and Meios & Publicidade.

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