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Momentum University offers in-person and virtual sessions to over 1200 corporate leaders in over 60 companies around the globe. Whether it’s experiencing high-energy keynote speeches, training, or group coaching, the business is one of the fastest growing minority owned leadership and development companies in the state of Tennessee.

The mission of Momentum University is to Focus on “Transforming Lives for Good”. In 2018, Adrian Davis stepped out on an idea to create a high-energy motivational conference. Attendees— over 50— reported experiencing lifechanging results. Weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes, job changes, going back to school to pursue a life-long profession, and determination to launch new businesses all were results of the motivation they received. The team fell in love with the dream of continuing to change lives and began to put the conference on annually, with increased attendance. Forced to pivot and rethink the approach after the arrival of Covid, the team developed strategies to impact lives in a virtual setting. Thus, Momentum University was born..

Momentum U
After a successful virtual Momentum conference, with attendees from seven states and three countries, the Momentum team decided to turn this impact into something more accessible and more frequently than an annual event.

Creating an engaging tool to stay connected to participants that attend leadership training or group coaching was the missing piece to satisfy the scientific need to transform behavior. Teaming with a local state vendor, Momentum University developed an engagement App that keeps learning at the front of mind, encompasses a learning environment for cohorts to learn from each other all while capturing data around engagement and psychological well-being.

Innovation in Learning & Development
Taking a scientific approach to learning and pairing it with technology is the pathway the company has chosen to move forward in this 21st century. Since cell phones are with us everywhere we go, Momentum University’s platform now makes it possible for learning and development opportunities to be with us, too. According to Adrian Davis, “It is already happening, so why not give people good content that will ‘transform their lives for good’ and put them where they really want to be in their careers.”

With timed check-ins to combat the forgetting curve of knowledge and the introduction of ALICE into how we perform this, our new results for transformation is on an upward trajectory for implementation of career and leadership skills

What Others Have to Say about Adrian Davis:
“If you’ve never had an opportunity to hear Adrian Davis speak about Building Trust in the Workplace, you are missing out!! Great way to kickoff day 2 of HR Roundtable. #agRT “ — Kevin J.

“Thank you! For the energy and the inspiration! Loved your message. Feel fortunate that we crossed paths ”— Michael W.

“The speakers and sessions helped me better align my vision for my life. …If you are serious about pursuing your dreams, I recommend Momentum. It will change your life!”— Juandreka G.

“A pleasant surprise. I initially thought it would be a lot of general rehash of concepts I have heard over the years. It has turned out to be refreshing new approach to: Identifying employee qualities to gain “buy in” on new ideas An introspective approach to our own leadership style Daily activities to build upon new concepts.

Already had a one – on – one with Adrian. He brought some new ideas and challenges to my leadership approach. Super program.” — Jon. S.

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