Mind Doodle-Is A Collaborative Digital Workspace That Promotes Innovation




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Innovators in more than 90 countries across 6 continents use Mind Doodle to Make Ideas Happen. Already the digital tool of choice for so many across the globe, Mind Doodle empowers teams by encouraging creativity, enhancing productivity and enabling collaboration.

Creativity, complex problem solving and critical thinking are the top three skills for 2020, according to the World Economic Forum, yet Adobe reported that only 25% of people believe they are living up to their creative potential. We created Mind Doodle to combat this, helping you generate original ideas with fast implementation.

Combining mind mapping with task boards and online chat, Mind Doodle is a collaborative digital workspace that promotes innovation. It’s a powerful product with additional tools and integrations such as SWOT analysis, a Slack integration and a WordPress plugin for creating websites using visual sitemaps with task management built-in.

Founded by Richard Hill, Mind Doodle was built for collaboration, whether you are sitting in the office with colleagues or working remotely. Our own flexible working policy gives our team members the freedom to work the hours they choose, from the locations that suit them. Mind Doodle is just as helpful for distributed teams as it is for co-located office workers.

Our software helps you connect, develop and share ideas, speeding up the innovation process with project management built-in. Our team helps facilitate this vision by delivering talks, teaching workshops, live mind mapping at events and organising conferences. We represent the Bristol tech community when our team members travel to events all over the world.


“If you’ve been looking for a more robust, but incredibly easy mind mapping tool, have a look at Mind Doodle. I use it. I love it!” Adam Warner, GoDaddy

“I started using Mind Doodle for my current project because collaborating with remote team members can be tricky. It has so many hidden gems.” Mani Swiatek, UX Designer

“This Bristol-based tech company has done something which is quite remarkable. Not only have they created a mind map system which is highly affordable and intuitive, but they have added a whole bunch of project management type tools within it and integrated with a number of other useful apps such as Slack.” David Clubb, Afallen

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